Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hurricanes Hammer Red Deer Rebels 6-0

LETHBRIDGE - The Lethbridge Hurricanes exploded for six goals as they shut out the Red Deer Rebels 6-0 Tuesday night at the ENMAX Centre.

It was all about the quality of the shots for the Hurricanes in the opening period, not the quantity. The Hurricanes didn't register a single shot until the 11:00 mark of the first period, but that one shot opened the scoring when Reid Duke cashed in his 3rd goal of the season. That made it 1-0 Lethbridge. A few minutes later the Canes struck again. Tyler Wong was sprung free on a breakaway and he scored his team-leading 13th goal of the season to make it 2-0 for the home team putting the puck by Taz Burman who made the start in goal for the Red Deer in this game. On the other side, Teagan Sacher was perfect for Lethbridge between the pipes. The Rebels out shot the Canes 10-4.

In the second, the Hurricanes would get a lengthy 5-on-3 power play for an entire two minutes and they would make good when Tyler Wong scored his second of the night and 14th of the season. That made it 3-0 Lethbridge. The Canes kept the offence coming. Right off a face-off to the right of Burman, Riley Sheen snapped in his 7th of the season to give Lethbridge a comfortable 4-0 lead halfway through the game. That would be it for Red Deer goaltender Taz Burman. He'd be replaced by the Rebels' AP call-up Grant Naherniak. That 4-0 score would hold up to the end of the period. The Canes had an outstanding period, firing 16 shots on the Red Deer goal. The Rebels still held a 24-20 edge in shots on goal.

In the third, the Rebels would go back with Taz Burman in goal and the Hurricanes would keep scoring. Early in the period, Reid Nemeth would light the red lamp with his first-ever goal in the WHL to give the Canes a 5-0 lead. Later on the Lethbridge Hurricanes would make good on another power play when Captain Josh Derko hammered home his 6th goal of the season. That made it 6-0 Lethbridge and that's the way this one would end. Teagan Sacher earned the shutout in goal for Lethbridge and his second win of the season. The victory improves the Canes record to 5-24-2-2 on the season. The Hurricanes have won two of their last three games. The Rebels out shot the Canes 35-33. Lethbridge finished the game 2/7 on the power play and Red Deer 0/5.

Next Up

The Hurricanes continue this extremely busy pre-Christmas schedule Wednesday (Dec. 11) when they host the Calgary Hitmen. This will be the 4th of 6 meetings this season between the two Central Division rivals, with Calgary winning all three game so far. Game time is 7:00 pm MST. The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30. The Canes will hit the road for a pair of games starting in Edmonton Friday (Dec. 13) and Saturday (Dec. 14) in Red Deer. They're back home for a 2:00 pm game Sunday (Dec. 15) against Victoria.



  1. Now THAT is how you host Brent-Sulking-Sutter in Lethbridge!

    What a thing of beauty to watch. THANK YOU CANES! Its been such a tough year for the players and the fans. I could not be happier for them. What a victory well deserved. What a job in net by Sacher, and outstanding team effort by all.

    The "powerplay" for the Rebels was not pathetic, but it was made to look that way by the exceptional plays and effort by the Canes.

    Well Done! If there is any justice in the WHL, they should have both hands in Brent Sutter's pockets for the complete lack of control shown by both him and his team of sulking poor losers. Nothing better than seeing Brent lose and lose HUGE... not to mention by the team with the WORST RECORD IN THE CHL!

  2. The lads did a great job last night. Sacher kept the net locked and the players upfront made sure Red Deer did not. Truly disappointed in the attitude and actions of Lukas Sutter. He chased Wong around all night and only served to make himself look ridiculous. After jumping Wong after a clean hit how did it feel to get booed so loudly in your hometown in front of all your family and friends? The rest of the team wasn't much better. I would think Saturday's game could be ugly but I have to assume that both head coaches will remind their clubs that they are there to play a little hockey and to check any attitudes at the door.

    Let's do it again tonight, Hurricanes! You owe Calgary one.


    1. obviously Red Deer didn't have their goalie and down by 4 goals by bad calls on the ref and lousing goaltending did not help. Don't get too high on yourselves. Wong also was not innocent in all the play. He is a disturber and thinks his size will save him. It is time somebody tuned him up a bit. A clean hit on Maxwell - I don't think so - it was late and cheap and could have caused serious injury. Interesting if it was Maxwell that hit Wong what your story would be. If they dish it out they had better be prepared to take it by anybody. Remember that Ramsey is 20 and Polei is only 17 and he didn't back down from Ramsey! Good luck tonight against Calgary - see if you can win two in a row.
      Still a Rebel Fan!

    2. I won't get into a war of words with a fan from another team who I have to assume wasn't at the game or your opinion may have been different. Even your coach said that your team lost all composure when he was quoted in the Red Deer Advocate that after the Canes went up 2-0 "we kind of deflated after that. We weren't mentally strong enough to fight through it."

      Let us agree to disagree because you are as loyal to your team as are we to the Hurricanes. Good luck to the Rebels on Friday against Kootenay.


    3. Ha Wong's a disturber?? Says the anonymous Rebels fan chirping in the Hurricanes forum!

      What did Wong do to "disturb" anymore than any other player did? I have a feeling you're opinion was based on nothing but a theory with no legitimate insight.

      Rebels players were all over Wong all night, he never backed down so I think it's ridiculous to say that he depends on his size to save him. He also puts up with a lot before he retaliates at all.

      Also like "cc" said, the Rebels own coach saw what we saw so maybe you weren't watching the same game.

      Have fun mouthing off about a 17 year old anonymously from behind your computer screen though, see ya Saturday!


    4. Wong was a disturber last night! He disturbed the poor Rebels on the scoreboard as well as with a ton of energy that they were unable to match and then Lukas Sutter turned into a clown and made things even worse for his uncle's team…I doubt that Brent read them a bedtime story after the game? "MR" Sacher had the world by the tail on a downhill pull and should now maintain the starting position, Boes is just to hot and cold, would be huge if the boys could get a back to back win and a few more before Christmas! Game On...

    5. born and raised in Red Deer and live in Leth now. Only time I am NOT a hurricane fan is when they play the Rebels. Good job last night Canes against Hitmen you played a good team and hung in there. Never wrote on this before but couldn't help it for my Rebels.
      Still a Rebel Fan

    6. Good for you, SaRF! And you're right, Wong's hit was late. It was, however, not egregiously late and was straight on. Maxwell got his hands up to protect himself. Wong seemed willing to fight Maxwell later in the game when the two chirped at each other and did have at is with Musil. I think Sutter hurt the Rebels by head-hunting instead of even trying to play hockey.

  3. if they could only keep this up for the rest of the season, hopefully this will build up the boys mindset, that they can win.


  4. Great effort by the Canes ...keep it going one game at a time! SC

  5. Back to Back Tigers losses on the 27 and 28 would be just as sweet.
    Great team effort Canes. Keep it up.
    Long Run

  6. Two things were brutal last night. The actions of Lukas Sutter (20) going after Wong (17 and half his size) and the turnout of fans.
    It listed 2437 for the game, but there was certainly not that many in the building.
    I hope that Drake plays Sacher again tonight. Ride the hot pony!
    In two games Sacher has looked solid and is a steading influence on this young team.

    Is it just me, or has Duke and Estephan raised their level of play?

    Dump'n Chase

    1. The Canes played a good game last night and I thought Sacher played extremely well. He held the Rebels in check for the first little bit and stood tall on the 5 on 3 powerplay. He deserves the start tonight

      I think Duke is starting to find his form after battling some injuries as Mr. Robson reported on Pat's show on Monday. Georgio is beginning to find his way as he stated on the same show that this is "whole new world".

      I can not understand what the Jets saw in Sutter. He ran around the ice like a chicken with his head cut off. Did you also notice that he only went after smaller payers. Bell, Walters and Derko were not on his dance card. The only time he chirped Derko was at the end of the game with a linesman between the two of the them.

      Again good game and the boys are improving nice to see.

      A View from Above

    2. Just a question,

      Do you expect people to shell out their hard earned money after the start the Canes have had? You blame them for staying home on a cold, snowy evening? I think you need to tap into what else is going on in Lethbridge. I think you'd be surprised that there's a LOT more going on than just a Hurricanes game that may or may not be entertaining.

      Empty Net

  7. To reference a much earlier discussion on this site. CANES HAVE FULLY ENTERED THE TURNAROUND CORNER...hehe.

    I for one could not be happier for these kids. Just imagine how much better they feel about themselves and the team than they did just weeks ago.