Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Regina Pats Hand Hurricanes 7th Straight Loss

LETHBRIDGE - Morgan Klimchuk scored three times as the Regina Pats rolled on to a 5-2 victory over the Hurricanes Wednesday night at the ENMAX Centre.

It didn't take long for the first goal in this game. Four minutes into the period, Jesse Zgraggen let a point shot go which beat Corbin Boes to give the Pats an early 1-0 lead. Zgraggen, a Lethbridge product was recently acquired by the Pats in a trade with Calgary. Late in the period, the visitors would score shorthanded. A great effort by Morgan Klimchuk on a two-on-one rush and he would score to make it 2-0 Pats. They weren't done there. A few minutes later, Klimchuk would strike again for his second of the night, making it 3-0 Regina through 20 minutes of play. Regina controlled the period, out shooting the Canes 20-9.

In the second, the Pats would get a power play early and the guy with the hot hand would score for a third time. Morgan Klimchuk roofed a perfect shot, beating Corbin Boes to make it 4-0 Pats. The Canes would get that one back on a power play of their own late in the frame when Reid Duke scored his first goal of the season. That cut the Pats lead to 4-1 and that's the way the period would end. It was a much better 20 minutes of hockey for Lethbridge, but they still trailed by 3 goals. The shots favoured the Pats 35-19.

In the third, the Pats would score again. Connor Gay banked a shot off the back of Corbin Boes' pads to give Regina a 5-1 lead. Things stayed that way till late in the game when the Hurricanes got a late 5-on-3 power play. Axel Blomqvist found the back of the net for his 5th goal of the season to make it 5-2 Regina and that's the way this one would end. The Pats would hand the Hurricanes their 7th straight loss and drop the team's record to 2-14-2-1 on the season. The Canes played a disciplined game as Regina only had two power plays. The Pats finished the game 1/2 with the man advantage while the Canes went 2/6.

I loved the quote from Tyler Wong on the CJOC pos-game show. He said, "Tough times don't last, but tough people do". Enough said............

Pilon Trade Talk

Lethbridge Hurricanes GM Brad Robson says he had a bust day Wednesday fielding calls from several WHL teams interested in acquiring Ryan Pilon. The defenceman left the club Tuesday and asked to be traded. Robson told Global's Paul Kingsmith earlier in the day he had spoken to 15 General Managers and doesn't want to wait too long before pulling the trigger on a deal

Next Up

This long 8 game home stand will come to an end this weekend for the Hurricanes. The Canes next action is Friday (Nov. 8), when another one of the U.S. Division teams rolls through town. The Spokane Chiefs are off to a very solid start this year and are one of the highest scoring clubs in the WHL. This will be the only meeting of the season between the two teams and the 4th of 5 U.S.-based clubs to play in Lethbridge this season. Game time is 7:00 pm MST. The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30. The Hurricanes will play at home again Saturday (Nov. 9) when they host Red Deer.



  1. Brad said he spoke to 15 general mangers for the last set of trades and he got robbed on that deal wonder what he will take for Pilon


  2. After watching last nights game, I feel that Mr. Robson should get us some help in goal and this should be an immediate priority. Should he not find a goalie to help our team certainly give Tai the start. You could see the energy leave the team with each Pat's goal

    After the fourth goal Ramsay noticeably looked to the heaven.

    Duke worked hard last night but sure took a beating. It was nice to see him get the goal.

    A View from Above

  3. I ahve three points that i want to comment on. the 1st is: I am hoping that the BOES expirement will be shut down soon. I hope that he will be given he release and the canes go with the two young goalies in Tai and Hogue. They cannot be any worse than the goalie we gave up Klague for. Next year Skinner will be on the team and the other goalie which will be best guess Tai will have what 20 games as a starter. We traded for a damaged goalie and everyone in the league knows to shoot at his glove hand and it will go in.

    Point nubmer 2: Boes will never be Rimmer so the team needs to cut down the opponets shots. an average of 40 shots at home for the opponets. it is really hard to win a game if you are outshot by 20 in the game.

    My last point for now, we need to shoot more on the powerplay, a garbage goal is just as good as a fansy goal, at this point in the season I am ready to cheer for any goal.

    The other Peter

  4. With respect to the Iceman's comments. Mr. Robson did not get robbed! Yak and McK since arriving at the TBirds have two points between them. Folk and Sheen since arriving here have three plus we have a draft choice in the upcoming draft. Folk is two years younger than McK and bigger.

    From looking at the TBird Roster it is conceivable that one or both of Yak and McK will not be with the TBirds next year. (overage rule) We could quite conceivably lose Sheen to the same rule. However with the speed and determination that he has demonstrated on the ice I believe that he will be here for his overage year. Both Folk and Sheen have expressed and demonstrated a willingness to play for our team. that is something that can not be said about eith Yak or McK this year.

    I also believe that you are being hyper critical of Mr. Robson in his dealing with this difficult situation.

    A View from Above

  5. The other Peter, Boes is the works harder than any other player on the ice with 50 + shots per night give him some credit he has no help. The guy standing on the bench has no clue how to fix this because I don't think he understands each players strong and weak points. Derko should have been put on the ice the next shift the regina player #2 had and went straight after him to show the younger smaller players that they have a captain that has their back. Forehand Backhand in

  6. Through all of this adversity, the players that stick it out and play for the coaches, their teammates, the fans and for themselves, they show their true character!
    Out of all this chaos, humor does arise. Whether it was sarcastic or just a brilliant piece of humor, someone posted on the Buzz; The Flaman Man has asked for a trade!

    Dump n Chase

  7. Derko took a licking from Burroughs in the 1st so I doubt he wanted any part of Hand. From what I saw Wong sticked Hand pretty good. If you want to use your stick you may have to use your fists. Boes was not on Brandon's radar so after training camp he could have been had for a 5th or 6th round bantam pick. There were many equally capable guys that could have been had much cheaper. The GM of the Pats claimed to a reporter he put together a much better package for Yak and Mckechnie. He said he was stunned and at what the Canes traded for. A few bad trades can set a club back for years.

    Noah Tall

  8. Did anyone ever hear which players Regina was ready to trade? Or is this GM putting out sound bites for his fans?

    An Observer

  9. Noah, Derko did just fine in the scrap with the Regina captain and can throw with anyone. That was part of the reason we traded for him. My point was that if Drake would have sent him out to get into Hands face the whole bench would have seen him stand up for a teammate and it would have helped in the locker room. Forehand Backhand in

  10. I am amazed at the lack of professionalism displayed by some of the media (not all). It is certainly easy to take pot shots at a team when it is down and out, especially when you live in another city. The irresponsible "Would the last player out of the dressing room please turn off the lights" from a certain reporter in Kamloops is not the least bit funny. This coming from a reporter who was going to be barred from the Blazer's dressing room for comments he made when that team was down and out a few years back.

    Dump'n Chase

    1. A lot of media guys are insecure wannabee A-holes, and many would argue that THAT guy is one of them. Lethbridge is pretty lucky to have one of the few "nice humans" of the business representing them..... for now. Thanks, Pat!

  11. GM. Robson should follow the same path Prince George did last year. let Pilon sit until he is ready to come back and play, unless he gets an absolutely great deal that will help the Canes this year and also the future . Alex Forsberg to his credit admits he made a mistake last year .He'll be a better team player now.

  12. You gotta love how our old head scout was insistent on drafting Jay Merkley over Morgan Klimchuk... And the best part? Our old head scout recently became our GM... This Board of Directors is the best!!!!!

    Disgruntled canes fan

  13. Hindsite is 20/20 DCF if you could do better buy a share and run for a board member seat! Forehand Backhand in