Saturday, 9 November 2013

Rebels Hold On For 4-3 Over Hurricanes

LETHBRIDGE - The Red Deer Rebels scored three times on the power play and then held on for a 4-3 win over the Hurricanes Saturday night.

The Red Deer Rebels would open the scoring in this hockey game. Red Deer Captain Connor Bleackley got things going for the visitors when he scored on the power play, blasting a wrist shot by Corbin Boes to make it 1-0 Rebels. The Hurricanes got that one back a few minutes later, when Josh Derko hammered home his 5th goal of the season to even the score at 1-1. That was short lived, because just 13 seconds later Red Deer would regain the one goal lead when Raymond's Brooks Maxwell came in right off the draw at centre ice and put the puck by Boes to give Red Deer a 2-1 lead after 20 minutes of play. The Rebels out shot the Canes 11-7. Red Deer had a goal called back in the first period as well when the referee stated a player was in the crease.

In the second, the Rebels would keep it coming with their second power play goal of the night. Nich Charif's blast from the point beat Boes low on the blocker side to make it 3-1 Red Deer. The Rebels would score a few minutes later, on yet another man advantage. This time a great passing play finished off by Rhyse Dieno would make it 4-1 for the visitors. It stayed that way until the final minute of the period would the Hurricanes would score twice in a span of just 49 seconds to make this a one goal game. Jamal Watson scored his 5th of the season with just one minute left in the period to cut the Rebels lead to 4-2 and then a few seconds later, Brady Ramsay scored his 6th of the season to make it a 4-3 game in favour of the Rebels after 40 minutes of play. Red Deer held the edge in shots 23-15.

In the third, the Hurricanes would put on some major pressure to try and find the equalizer. Both clubs would come out flying in what turned into a wide open final period of hockey. The Canes did everything in the period, but score and the Rebels would hang on for a 4-3 victory. Red Deer out shot the Canes 30-23 in this game. The difference was the power play. The Rebels were 3/6 with the man advantage while the Canes finished the game 1/5. The Hurricanes have now lost 9 straight games and they see their record fall to 2-16-1-2 on the season. Assistant Coach Mike Craig said on the CJOC post-game show he was happy with the comeback and how hard the team played, but a loss is still a loss and this team can't accept losing, even if the team played well enough to win.

No Hurricanes This Week

Because of Remembrance Day and the matinee road game for the Hurricanes this Monday, there will be no Hurricanes This Week radio show this week on CJOC. Our next program is scheduled for Monday, November 18th at 7:00 pm MST.

Next Up

The Hurricanes, for the first time in nearly a month with play a few games on the road. The Canes head out east for a pair of games before returning back home next weekend. The Hurricanes next action is set for Monday afternoon (Nov. 11) when they take on the Wheat Kings in Brandon. This will be the second meetings between these two in just over week. Game time from Brandon is 1:30 pm MST. The pre-game show on CJOC at 1:00 pm. The Canes will then head to Moose Jaw to take on the Warriors Tuesday night (Nov. 12). Puck drop is set for 6:00 pm MST from Mosaic Place. The Hurricanes next home game is set for next Saturday (Nov. 16) as the Red Deer Rebels come back to town.



  1. couldn't make it to the game tonight but it sounded like the boys played a great game, watching the highlight they seem upbeat and positive..great to see boys keep given it your all and the wins will come....bob

  2. Couldn't make the game tonight, either... Boss is a hockey-hating, self-centered, posterior meatus. I like the stats, though. From the +/-, we won the 5 on 5 game, which is great progress! From all reports so far, sounds like it was an entertaining game. Great! Shots are still disappointing, but at least held the opposition to 30.

    I hear that the Sayers "Hit to the Head" call was another excellent example of why Nathan Wieler will never make it to the next level. Interested to hear more opinions on this call if anyone is willing.

    Way to go Canes! Now go kick glutei maximi of the BWK!!

    Dick Johnson

    1. Saw the hit it was right in front of me. Only way to describe it was garbage. It was a good check shoulder to shoulder.

      A View from Above

  3. Mike Craig said on the radio show tonight after the game that when Sacher is game ready he will "be able to give Boes a rest". Does this mean the GM and coaches believe that Boes should stay and Tai should go? If that is the case I can honestly say I believe they are truly out of their minds.


  4. Thought the boys played well last night. Maxwell, Ramsay and Wonger left it on the ice each shift. Could have been a different ending if Ramsay has a little puck luck with his great tip deflection in the third period. It did not miss going in by much.. Georgio was great in the face off circle and worked hard and skated well all night. He is not afraid to get in front of shots and did so again last night saving a sure goal in the second period.

    Looks like the boys are starting to turn the corner. Hopefully they can keep it up against the Wheaties and MJ.

    Let us hope that both Sheen and Duke get over the flu bug quickly need them back.

    A View from Above

  5. Great game? Turn the corner? Way to go?

    The team just lost at home to one of the bottom 5 teams in the league.

    Are things so bleak now that close games against the other awful teams in the league are looked at as good things?

    I would hope wins would be what get those types of comments but I guess with how low this organization has set the bar 1 goal losses no matter how bad the competition are as close to a win as we will likely get.


    1. Prozac is a wonderful thing you should give it a try...bob

  6. Yes, they got to the "corner" at the end of the second period with those quick two goals to get within one. They deserved a better fate in the third. Red Deer was outplayed in the third and were lucky to hold on. Streaks are funny sometimes. When you are in an extended losing streak, at the end of the streak there is always a game or two that you should/could have won. The same applies to winning streaks, at the end of a long winning streak, there is always a few games that some how you sneak it into the winning column. If they play like they did last night on this mini road trip, I can see three out of four points coming back. I felt sorry for Brady after the game last night. He looked totally exhausted and down. A couple of good showings on the road will go a long ways to improve the egos.

    Two for high sticking

  7. Don't quit Canes even the Jaguars won today in the NfL! There is always hope! LthHnds

  8. Turning the corner??? Are you guys serious? They are no where near it. I would say they are close to playing to expectation which is a .300 hockey club with many one goal loses. Soft goals, no shut down D pairing, no go to goal scorers, the smallest and youngest team in the league, these factors plus many more mean losing games, plain and simple, oh yeah and bad penalties, and players not giving it there all and questionable to awful coaching, it is an endless list. Management, Scouting, drafting, trading, all garbage.

    To me turning the corner means being a being a contender year in and year out, developing future pro players, maybe an NHL draft pick here and there, being respected by your opponents, the media and officials. The worse part is we see this happening in so many of our neighbouring cities, even the smaller ones and we are on the upside looking in again.
    Derek Sutton

  9. With all those injuries and illnesses and with Boes back in his home rink... anything other than a complete anhilation by Brandon will be an absolute shock to me.

    The Canes may have a LOT of (not so pleasant) memories on this particular Remembrance Day!

  10. To cc @ 00:47
    Do you actually think Robson is going to trade Boes? Whether that move would benefit the Canes on the ice (I don't think it would) or not, after selling a good chunk of the farm to get him; Robson is gonna live and die with Boes.

    I think Sacher is being brought in to push Boes as well as give him some rest once in awhile. I mean come on, look at Tai's numbers, they are horrendous. He is not a WHL calibre goalie.

    Hopefully Sacher can be a decent #1 next year, when Skinner learns the ropes of the WHL.


  11. Canesrock I am not sure how you can fairly judge Tai's competency when the kid never gets to play. He has started three times and gone in three times when Boes got yanked. Of 22 games it is pretty hard to fairly judge what kind of goaltender he is.

    But you are probably right. We will get rid of him and eventually Skinner too because we don't develop goalies. We let other clubs put the time and resources into doing that and then just trade away for them when they are 20.

    In regards to today's game, the team almost had them and probably should have. Make it happen in Moose Jaw.


  12. NOT fair to Tai.

    How would you know if he was any good, he hasn't even been given a fair chance!

    He was 4 and 4 last year on a horrible team, yet had a 0.886 save percentage and 3.87 GAA; pretty good results for a bad team giving a young tender very little game time!

    Boes has a 0.891 save% and 4.54 GAA for a 20 year old with LOTS of chances to start, and yet has only won when his team scored 5 or more goals. Teams will have injurred tenders between now and trade deadline. Trade him, and get whatever you can. He sure isn't going to steal any games for this team.

    Tai has only been given 2 starts this year, one against the Tigers... who were good from day 1 this year (again)... and in his other start, he only let in 3 goals, 2 of which were on the PP. Pretty unfair to judge his performance in ANY of the games after Boes was pulled, because the team gave him NO help in any of them.

    I would LOVE to see Tai and the new guy for the rest of the year. Let them compete for number one. I have a feeling that Robson thinks he stole Boes. From HIS point of view, he still got a first round bantam pick with his "free" 20 year old tender. Sell. Sell. Sell.