Saturday, 16 November 2013

Pilon Traded to Brandon Wheat Kings

The Lethbridge Hurricanes have found a home for Defenceman Ryan Pilon, sending him to Brandon for Defenceman Nick Walters, Taylor Cooper and Prospect Tanner Browne.


Pilon, who was the Lethbridge Hurricanes top pick (3rd overall) in the 2011 Bantam Draft requested a trade nearly two weeks ago and has been home, waiting to be dealt. As part of the trade Lethbridge also sends Colt Conrad to Brandon and if he signs, the Hurricanes will also receive a conditional 5th round pick in 2016.


The 6’2, 202 pound Walters is in his 4th season in the WHL and in has played 195 career games with both the Wheat Kings and Everett registering 43 points (7G, 36). Cooper, a 6’0, 186 pound Left Winger is in his second season with Brandon and has 10 points, including 7 goals in 23 games this season. Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager, Brad Robson says “both are character guys that will be solid additions to our lineup.”  Robson added “Walters is big and steady on the backend. He’ll be key in helping our defence limit our opponent’s shots and scoring chances while Cooper, who is in just his second season, will fit in to the systems we’re trying to teach and give us some secondary scoring.” Browne was Brandon’s 2nd round (35th overall) pick in the 2012 draft and at the time was recognized for his size, physical play and skating ability. The 6-foot, 198 pound Defenceman from Kelowna plays for the Okanagan Rockets in the BC Major Midget Hockey League and in 14 games has 8 points this season.


Both Walters and Cooper are expected to join the Hurricanes this weekend and practice with the team on Monday.


  1. Interesting trade. We automatically got bigger and tougher on the back end which we needed. Size on left wing too.
    How long will Pilon last in Brandon? McCrimmon does not put up with any nonsense either.

    Dump'n Chase

  2. ??? Bell and Walters make the defence bigger and tougher. Sacher is a solid goalie. The defensive style game is now in play. Browne didn't make the Wheat Kings as a 16 year old but he might be ready now. I say bring him in and let him study under Walters and Bell. Cooper might put up decent numbers and likely a 30-40 point guy at best. Walters will play out the season here and likely play pro next year, so he is short term. Browne is the pay day so they should use him asap. This was an adequate trade considering the asset was at home at the time.


  3. I hope Pilon gets everything he deserves in Brandon. Colt has been quite a scorer in every league except ours. Either he doesn't want to play in the WHL, or more than likely, just not for the Hurricanes.

    I am extremely disappointed that Robson couldn't get a first round pick out of Brandon... but if everybody shows up, I don't think its the worst trade ever. Cooper didn't get any points when Brandon came to town, but I noticed him and thought he was a pretty nice player.

    By their numbers, Walters is even more similar to Lenny Hackman than Tyler Bell.... and you can never have too many Lenny Hackman's on your team.

    Should be GSP TONIGHT!!

    Could be a good old fashioned beatdown.
    Could be close, or over in the first.
    Could easily be blood everywhere!!
    Should be his usual well prepared, solid performing self, full of confidence.
    With all the recent media hype, he should be even more motivated.... for

    Giorgio Scoring Prodigy


  4. I have not had the time to type out all my thoughts on the Pilon trade. So to simplify things, I agree with what Pat said on his pre-game show. Canes might have got a good deal for Pilon.


    1. I made my comment above assuming Browne, who was Brandon’s 2nd round (35th overall) pick in the 2012 draft, has signed a WHL contract and therefor is committed to play for Lethbridge. From what I have read that does not appear to be the case, but I am not sure.

      Pat do you have the answer as to Brownes status.


    2. Another thing that made me wonder about Browns status was the other 2 players @nickwalters3 @coopaloop17 tweeted right away on the 16th they were excited to come to the Canes.

      I see Browne finally tweeted just late last night:
      tanner browne ‏@browney_97 15h
      You could say that Im overly excited to be apart @WHLHurricanes

      I am glad to finally see that tweet. Browne sounds like pretty darn good prospect and if did not commit to the Canes, the trade looks a lot worse.


  5. Hey Canesrock

    I can tell you Browne has not signed a contract yet. I do know GM Brad Robson has been talking with him a fair bit since the trade took place and Browne will likely be offered a WHL contract agreement in the next couple of weeks.

    Hope that helps.


  6. Being that WHL teams get cash from the NHL club when their roster players are drafted into the NHL, when a trade of this calibre player occurs when the likelihood to be drafted is nearly a guarantee, and also considering the financial instability of the Canes, as part of the trade, would the Canes have been allowed to demand part or all of the cash that will be paid if/when Pilon is drafted?

    Can you name all the players in the past five seasons that the Canes have developed into NHL draft picks and would have received cash for?

    Don't worry if you have lost a few fingers from carpentry; you should still easily be able to count them all.... on one hand.