Monday, 4 November 2013

Kristian Khenkel Will Re-Join Lethbridge Hurricanes

Welcome news for the Lethbridge Hurricanes as the team was informed Monday, Kristian Khenkel will be allowed to join the team.  

On October 3rd, the Hurricanes were informed by the IIHF that Khenkel’s international transfer application was not approved because his first contract signed in 2011, at the age of 14, is considered valid. The age of 14 or 15 is considered of legal age for employment in sport, therefore the contract he signed at that time was valid through 2016. Khenkel returned to Germany a couple of days following the decision.

Since that time, Hurricanes General Manager Brad Robson has been working hard to have the IIHF decision overturned. “This has been a long and tiring process, but this is the outcome we were hoping for”stated Robson. “Kris has maintained his desire to play for the Hurricanes and that’s what we have wanted all along. It’s satisfying to have this work in our favor.”

The Hurricanes drafted Khenkel, in the first round (20th overall) of the 2013 CHL Import Draft and the 6’2, 188 pound defenceman spent last season with the Yunost-Minsk Hockey Club playing on the Yunost Minsk, Junior Minsk, and MHC Yunost Minsk teams.

Khenkel will compete at the World Junior Hockey Championships and will be eligible return to the Hurricanes on December 22nd for the remainder of the season.


  1. Great job, Mr Robson!

    Time for the tirading Rantus to give credit where it is due to MR Robson. MR Robson may not have applied due diligence to the drafting on this player, but it sounds like his persistence will pay off, and it will have been a valuable lesson for the organization.

    Khenkel will be able to join the Canes and take part in their big second half of the season comeback! Nice!

  2. We can all assume the Canes are short on cash so Robson must have negotiated an excellent deal with the Minsk club... since it's well known how much cash some Eastern European clubs demand...

  3. I enjoyed the radio show tonight. Fred mentioned making a fun atmosphere for the fans and it brings me to mention a few things some friends and I have noticed this year. First of all the calendars are dreadful this season as are the season tickets. What happened to all the creativity that we saw the last couple of years? It was obvious someone took pride in these things before but now they look like crap. The programs are another huge disappointment. There used to be so much to read and I actually looked forward to going to the arena buying my program and reading it while watching warm ups. It isn't worth the $2 it is printed on now. My son enjoyed collecting the posters but now the pictures are so small that it is not even worth bothering with. Seriously put the person that made these items worth enjoying back in charge of them. I think sometimes it is the little things that make a difference for the fans. Also what happened to the variety of intermission promotions and prizes from the game sponsors? As the guy that sits next to me says, the quality change in the off ice product is almost worse that what is happening on the ice. I think some staffing changes may be needed in the front office as well.

  4. David, sounds like you have valid complaints. I too have stopped purchasing the programs. But rather than adding to long list of complaints on here, why not go to the source. Send your concerns to the business manager. I have a feeling you are not alone.

    Dump'n Chase