Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hurricanes Lose 3-2 in Shoot Out to Broncos

LETHBRIDGE - Connor Sanvido scored the lone goal in the shoot out as the Swift Current Broncos beat the Lethbridge Hurricanes 3-2 Tuesday night.

It didn't take long for the red lamp to light up in this game. Just 46 seconds into the first period, former Hurricane Jay Merkley fired a shot, beating Corbin Boes to give Swift Current a quick 1-0 lead. That didn't last long. A few minutes later the Canes would even the score. Riley Sheen, in his first game as a Hurricane picked up the puck at centre ice and burst down the right wing and fired a shot by Broncos goalie Landon Bow to tie the game at 1-1. That was Sheen's first as a Hurricane and 4th of the season. Before the end of the period, the Canes would take lead. A great pass from Tyler Wong to Brady Ramsay and he one-timed the puck by Bow to give Lethbridge a 2-1 lead after 20 minutes. Swift Current held a 13-8 lead in shots on goal.

In the second, the Hurricanes held the Broncos at bay for most of the period as it looked as perhaps that 2-1 score would hold up through 40 minutes, but late in the period the Broncos would get the equalizer with just two minutes to go. Colby Cave's shot was stopped by Boes, but the puck had enough gas to get through the Lethbridge goaltender and dribbled across the goal line to tie the game at 2-2 after two periods of play. Swift Current out shot Lethbridge 25-17 throughout the game thus far.

In the third, both teams would go at to try and get the go-ahead marker, but neither Boes or Bow would break in goal for their respective teams and this game would go into overtime tied at 2-2. The extra period solved nothing so this game would be decided in a shootout. None of the three Lethbridge shooters were able to find the back of the net, but the final shooter for Swift Current was Connor Sanvido and he was able slide puck by Boes to give the Broncos a 3-2 victory. The loss drops the Canes record to 2-11-1-2 on the season. Swift Current out shot Lethbridge 41-31 in this game. It was a very disciplined game. Lethbridge went 0/1 on the power play and the Broncos 0/2. This was as close to a 60 minute effort for the Lethbridge Hurricanes in 16 games this season although the result in this game wasn't what the team was hoping for.

WHL Commissioner Talks About Ownership

Western Hockey League Commissioner Rob Robison joined Fred and I on Hurricanes This Week Monday night. We asked him about community ownership versus private ownership and just what the process is when it comes to a group wanting to buy a WHL team. Here's a piece of that chat with the Commissioner.

Next Up

The Hurricanes are off until this weekend when this lengthy homestand continues. The Canes will host the Tri-City Americans as they roll through Lethbridge Saturday night (Nov. 2). This will be the only meeting of the season between the two teams and the first game for Phil Tot back in Lethbridge since being traded to the Ams last season. That's a 7:00 pm MDT start at the ENMAX Centre. Then the Canes will play a matinee game Sunday at home when they welcome the Brandon Wheat Kings to town. That's a 2:00 MST face-off on time change weekend.



  1. What no negative comments? This had to be the closest to a 60 minute effort that the Canes have had this season. Riley Sheen looks like an excellent fit for this club. Speed, hard work and goes to the net. Folk threw some good "haymakers" in his fight. Discipline was very solid as SC only had two power-plays. Only a goal post and a great save by Bow stopped us from 2pts via shoot out. Ok for my negative comment or question. What gives with Axel? Am I the only one that questions his effort? Frustrating thing is he shows rare flashes of offensive skill and speed, but it is rare. He must have done enough of it to catch the eye of Winnipeg. He does have skill but most of the time he looks lazy and out of sync. Ok enough of the negative.
    Great effort last night and as Mike Craig said on the post game show, "something to build off of".

    Dump'n Chase

    1. Here's a negative comment for you Dump.....Swift was 1-7 on the road prior to this victory. A bad team on the road not only hangs with the home team, but ends up (once again) outshooting and outchancing the Canes in the end.

      Empty Net

  2. We were quite happy with the effort and discipline put forth in the game last night. Sheen looked really good out there. He and Ramsay seem to have gelled very quickly and could prove to be a lethal duo for opposing teams. We were surprised Ramsay wasn't given a game star for his efforts. Luck was not on the Hurricanes side last night or it could have easily been 4-2 or 5-2. Job well done fellas. Build off of this one when you go into the game Saturday.


  3. Dump'n Chase,

    Are you missin' the negative? Here is a dose.

    I for one, was extremely disappointed in this game. Not in the effort, so much as the plan...again. As long as the Drake keeps insisting that his systems are going to stay, so will the 0.200 Win%.

    There were only a couple of entertaining moments (A couple of Boes saves early were real good, but then negated by the weak Broncos second period goal. Kade Jensen made a real nice defensive play late in the third I liked a lot, Sheen flying up the right wing, backhand goal along the ice was nice, Wong to Ramsay, roofed goal was real good. Duke's (two) rushes; I thought the first SHOULD have ended in a holding penalty against the Broncos, the other he made a great move around the defender, then a last effort spin pass attempt to Axel who wasn't competing very hard for the pass- Boy, is he impressive... DUKE, that is, not Axel. Like cc, I also liked Duke, Sheen, Ramsay.

    I would love to see way more of Olynek, Laurencelle, and Estephan and way less of Axel. I sure don't see how Axel is deserving of his enormous minutes. Are the Jets paying the Drake to play their boy? He is way too selfish out there for my liking. Very little physical play, dodging checks and coughing up the puck, and not using his teammates nearly enough for me.

    It is still the same bad plan to me resulting in most of the play in OUR end. You can just see the opposition players positioning themselves to intercept where they know our players are going to play the puck. Giveaway after giveaway, or off the glass to centre ice, back in our zone, off the glass to centre ice, back in our zone... and WAY too much "Matador Defence" against players attacking our net.

    Also on the positive side, I liked our forecheck most of the game, and it was pretty much a PERFECT 60 minute execution of the Drake's plan which resulted in being outshot in every period then giving up another lead... to lose to a .500 team ... that has a 3-7 past-10 record... in OUR barn...so whats not to like?

    Another date with a .500 club in the Americans this weekend, then Brandon at only 7W-9L, and 3w-7L past-10, gets to lose one more in Everett before they get here near the end of their long and unsuccessful road trip to the USA. - TWO more great opportunities for the Canes to figure out how to win with this wonderful "system" they have.

    1. I have to emphatically agree with what Rantus says here. He's bang on about Axel. I don't care if you are large, have potential and have signed a pro contract. Show the effort, EVERY shift, or sit out.

      The matador defense could not be more aptly described. Come on Drake and Luko. You are defensemen for heck's sake. Do you want the puck in our zone 70% of the time? Do we want to be outshot 40 to 20 every single night?

      Laurencelle, Olynek and Estephan sure but let's give Maxwell and Duke a shot together. I think Russ can make Duke look really good on the wing. Maybe toss the new guy, Sheen on as well. He's got some jump.

      Wannabe Oldtimer

  4. Why move Maxwell to Dukes line? Wong and Maxwell have been playing well together and have had success. If Duke really is a 1st round NHL draft pick (which I don't think he is proving himself to be so far- just my opinion) he shouldn't need another player to make him "look really good".


  5. My post is somewhat out of left field and lord knows I don't want to appear to be knit-picking, or acting like a "keyboard courage boy". It is just something that has been sticking in my craw for a while now.
    Whenever Berehowsky is interviewed about the team and is talking about the players he uses the phrase *they or them* rather than *we or us*. I recently heard an interview, and read an article with Brent Sutter, and he always used the phrase we or us.
    At first glance this may seem trivial, but if you take the time to think about it, this may well be at the root of the Canes troubles. It seems like there is a disconnect, or worse yet, an adversarial relationship with Drake and the players. It is like he and the players are in a battle to see you runs the team.
    Before you attempt to slaughter me for these comments, let me make a point. I have been in a lot of senior management positions in my career and have taken a good number of management/relationship courses. The number one thing that stands out to me is to ALWAYS remember you are part of a team, and not above anybody. If I had an employee that was having some problems, I would always discuss things with them as WE can fix this, YOU AND I will work on this TOGETHER. OUR problems can be sorted out.
    OK, blast away, but I really feel as minor as this issue may appear at a quick glance, I feel it is a major issue with Drake and his players!


    1. This is an excellent point. As a teacher, I like to think it as "our" classroom and "our" school. It's all for one and one for all. It may sound like semantics, but there's much more to it than that. Agree fully.

      Empty Net

  6. Duke and Maxwell play the same position.

  7. canesrock,

    Interesting observation. I will be listening for this now, to see if he words it that way regularly. I agree that the coaches should be saying, "we," "our," and "us," win or loss.

    Way to go, Fred... Your Monday night rant about "keyboard courage" looks to have influenced many previous readers from contributing to this blog discussion!

    I guess we all just have to listen to you instead, and and and whatever you say is all the truth and wisdom we need and and and no one else should have any opinion other than yours, or be able to express their opinion in any way except the way that you would dictate. How about you stick to your "Three Keys of the Game," and permit the fans who actually pay for their seat express their opinions using the rest of the keyboard, ok big chucker?

    1. Thank you for expressing this. I agree. Those who aren't paying (or didn't pay to bring this team back to Lethbridge) should stay in the background and let the paying public express their opinions freely.

  8. Hey Tiradeausaurus Rantus. Every interview I have ever heard from Coach DB, he uses those words. Not to put words into his mouth, but it is also the tone or inflection he has when he says that. It seems to me it is an almost adversative expression of how he feels.

    I also wish to give you a good on ya dude for your moniker. I finally took 2 seconds to read the alphabet soup pseudonym you use and it is hilarious.


  9. Without getting into details, I do not support Fred Jack's position on his view of bad fans (fans who submit negative comments) and good fans (fans who only submit positive comments). I think it's his own opinion, which is great. But why then, can't the rest of us express ours? We don't have the podium that Mr. Jack has in the Tuesday night roundtable, so I, for one, appreciate Pat's blog as a medium to express my opinion, regardless of whether it's positive or negative.

    Darren Harker