Monday, 14 October 2013

Blazers Down Lethbridge Hurricanes 7-1

KAMLOOPS, BC. - The Kamloops Blazers exploded for 4 goals in the second period as they dropped the struggling Lethbridge Hurricanes 7-1 on Thanksgiving Day Monday afternoon

A tentatively-played first period by Lethbridge and Kamloops in this Thanksgiving Monday afternoon game. It seemed the teams were feeling things out during the opening 20 minutes and getting used to the much earlier start time. Neither club was able to score and the shots very even at 9-9.

In the second, the goals finally started to come. In fact, three goals in less than 5 minutes to open the period. Kamloops started things off just 17 seconds in the period when Chase Souto tapped in a bouncing puck to give Kamloopsa 1-0 lead. Four minutes later, the Kamloops would make it 2-0 when Aspen Sterzer scored shorthanded, beating Corbin Boes. Lethbridge would get than one back quickly.. A great pass from Tyler Wong to Giorgio Estephan and he buried it past Bolton Pouliot on the power play. That cut the Blazer lead to 2-1. Kamloops would keep the offence coming. Cole Ully scored to give the home team a two goal lead again, this time 3-1. That was a power play goal. Then two minutes after that Aaron Macklin would snap home a big shot to give Kamloops a comfortable 4-1 lead. That would be it for Boes in the Lethbridge goals he allowed 4 goals on 18 shots. Chris Tai would come in to play the rest of the game. The Blazers would take that 4-1 leading into the dressing room after 40 minutes.

In the third, Kamloops kept it coming. Josh Connolly, just 51 seconds into the period, snapped one by Chris Tai to give the Blazers a 5-1 lead. About 7 minutes later the Blazers scored again. Aspen Sterzer's 2nd of the afternoon would make it 6-1 Kamloops. The game was pretty much over, but the Blazers would add one more before the final buzzer when Landon Cross would get one on the power play to give the Blazers a 7-1 victory. The Canes were out shot 39-27 in this game. Lethrbidge went 1/5 on the power play and Kamloops 3/7. The Hurricanes have now lost 6 games in a row and see their record fall to 1-8-0-1 in 10 games to start the season. On the CJOC pre-game show Monday afternoon Coach Drake Berehowsky told me, "We're trying to change a lot here. The guys have to be patient, the fans have to be patient, and I have to be patient."

Next Up

The Hurricanes will close out this BC road on Wednesday (Oct. 16) in Kelowna. The Rockets are one of the top teams in the WHL. They're a fairly high scoring team and stingy on defence. The Canes would love nothing more than to steal two points from one of the best teams here to start the season. After this game, the Hurricanes will head back home where they will play 9 of their next 10 games at the ENMAX Centre Between October 18th and November 10th. The Canes next action at home is Saturday (Oct. 19) when the welcome the Saskatoon Blades. Game time from Kelowna Wednesday is 8:00 pm MDT. The pre-game show on CJOC at 7:30.



  1. I don't know what the answer is when it comes to righting this ship but one this I do know is that the head coach needs to quit telling the players, fans and staff to be patient. Berehowsky would have gotten a lot more respect from us if he would put the blame on his own shoulders and accept the responsobility for what is happening. I am tired of hearing all the upper crust blame the veterans and accept absolutlely zero responsibility themselves.

    The wife and I have had our season tickets for years and we will continue to support this team in the years to come. But my support right now is for the players. It is time Robson, Berehowsky, Lukowich and Craig come out and accept their part in this mess.

    Still A Hurricanes Fan

    1. I feel SO sorry for these Cane players. What a disaster. The road trip that was supposed to be "just what the doctor ordered," may be the road trip that ends up sending them all to the couch of doctor they didn't want to see.

      Then again, why would anyone be that surprised with the results so far this year?

      If you hire a coach that has only ever had one year of head coach experience, and that year earned him a losing record, there is a good chance that when you give him another job, you are going to see him continue his losing streak.

      Yes, the Drake's Orlando Solar Bears of the ECHL were one of three expansion teams in the league last year, so a losing record was probable (after all, the other two teams also had losing records), though the Drake did coach his team to thee WORST last 10 game record of any and all teams in the ECHL.

      It sounds like the Drake is a man with a plan, and his plan may be clearly communicated and his intentions may be great, but from all early signs, Canes fans may be watching the WRONG plan... again.

      Like his predecessor, the Canes have hired another coach that is finding his way as a head coach.

      I saw a lot of individual mistakes in this game which directly resulted in 5-alarm scoring chances for the Blazers.... Most of which ended up in the Cane net. Not necessarily always on the individuals, but just as heavily to blame are the new "systems."

      In the pre-season games, and early in the season, I was very encouraged by all the in game talk between the Drake and the players.... that came with the assumption that it was "good" information being supplied by the coach.

      I was encouraged by the early coaches talk about "conditioning" and about "implementing systems", about about "coaching" and "teaching"... again, with the assumption that the information being supplied was good information, and it was going to improve their chance for success.

      After seeing all the home and away games, and watching the "systems" or rather lack thereof, and watching the deterioration of player reactions and increase in negative body language, the pathetic power play, the GRUESOME 5 on 3 play, the consistent poor positioning and player movement on the PK, and last but not least, the the glass.. off the the the glass.. (almost without exception) LOUSY break-out, I am now wondering if it is just smoke and mirrors and window dressing from these coaches. All suit and gel with little substance?

    2. My thoughts exactly. The blame game continues. I am sure it will be the fans fault after the next loss.
      Long Run

  2. Remember that the Canes are the youngest team out of the 22 team League... even if [insert your fav coach of all time] was coaching this club, they wouldn't be a top team yet in October...

    I'm as frustrated as all of you but look at the facts and be patient...

  3. I always felt Preston's teams worked hard and the other team knew they were in a battle. Preston got the most out of his players and was hit with some very untimely injuries, Austin Fyten a whole year, Dan Johnston last year. The challenge has been talent in terms of recruiting and given that Preston spent 20 years in the NHL it fell on Robson and scouts so to think things are going to change is naïve. Now we have inexperienced coaches and marginal talent and we see the results. What we had before was good coaching who got the most out of the limited talent they had. We could be looking a breaking the Winter Hawks record of fewest wins in a season this year. LthHnds.

  4. Fan: I understand we are the youngest team. What I am now taking strong objection to is the people that are blaming all this on the veteran players who are "not buying into the system". What are the systems? I think the new system doesn't work and changing it is the job of the coaches. The coaches need to accept the responsibility here and fix things. The front office spent the entire summer telling us how different things were going to be and even the new head coach repeatedly said that people would be held accountable. Was this just for the players? This is a hard working bunch of young men and they have earned some success. In no way am I saying this is a first-overall team but these are not last-place players.

    Still A Hurricanes Fan

  5. I agree with "Still A Hurricane's Fan".... it is up to the coaches to "fix" things. These player have tried to buy into the system. They have tried to do things the coaches want, but as a coach can you not see that the "system" is not working. These coaches are new to the WHL and obviously what works in the NHL or whereever - might not work in the WHL. The whole idea of "coaching" is adjusting your "system" etc to each and every game and helping these players find success. They are a hard working bunch of players and they deserve success. They had better success last year when they basically coached themselves. It is time these coaches looked hard at themselves and realize what a mess of things they have created. There is no time for "patience". Adjust their systems NOW! Help these boys out and actually coach them. Let the players make some decisions for themselves on the ice. When they are continually trying to follow the "system" and playing scared (as they know if they don't follow the system they SIT) - then mistakes are made. It obviously has not worked... time for the boys to play their game and forget about the "systems". The whole team can't sit so play your game boys! Also I am tired of hearing about the "vets"... the vets are the backbone of this team and everyone of them is a great example of hard work and never give up attitude. Good luck boys.!
    Cleaning house should have meant a total clean house - how does a head scout become GM and then he makes all the decisions - coaching, assistant coaching... no wonder this team is in a mess! Take some ownership of the problems here.!
    Still want to be a Hurricane's Fan but losing faith!