Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Hurricanes Hold 2013 Annual General Meeting

The Lethbridge Hurricanes held their 2013 Annual General Meeting Wednesday night (Sept. 18) in the new lounge at the ENMAX Centre.

The biggest story of the evening was the hockey club's finances. After posting a $604,000 loss during the 2011-2012 season, the Canes budgeted for a $179,000 loss this past year, but the numbers came back to almost break even. When it was all said and done, the Hurricanes showed a loss of just $825 dollars. That's it. Less than $1000. A few reasons for the much better financial numbers: Over $1.3 million in ticket sales. That compared to just $984,000 generated in ticket sales the year before.

The Hurricanes also received a big chunk of cash from the WHL through the league hosting of the Memorial Cup. In total, the Canes brought in $271,144 from the Western Hockey League. The club had budgeted for just $78,500.  That's a difference of just over $192,000 more in the team's coffers.

Hurricanes Business Manager, Terry Huisman reported to shareholders that the hockey club generated $120,000 in walk-up ticket sales during the 2012-2013 season. He also reported season ticket sales this season are projected at 1850. As of the AGM, 1670 have been sold.

Outgoing Board Member, Don Clark gave shareholders an idea on the budget for this 2013-2014 season. The team has budgeted to generate over $1.6 million in ticket sales this year. Hurricanes are also hoping to generate over $180,000 more in advertising revenue this season than last. Once all the expenses are balanced out with the revenues, Clark says the Lethbridge Hurricanes are budgeting for a profit of $78,803  for this new WHL season.

General Manager Brad Robson reported to shareholders that player development is a top priority for himself and the coaching staff.  He says discipline is being preached on a daily basis. Working lots on the power play and working toward building a winning attitude. Robson says coaches are working with the players to define the team's identity. Coaches have been working off-ice with the players with early morning runs in the coulees. He says coaching staff is taking part in these off-ice training regimes. Robson says the hockey operations staff (GM and coaches) have broken down the season into 10 game segments. Goals are being set for each player during those 10 day game segments. Robson told shareholders the team will play with pride, attention to detail, spirit, heart and desire.

The Hurricanes Board of Directors had five vacant positions this year and five people let their names stand for election or re-election. After no nominations from the floor, the 5 people were acclaimed to the Board including President Brian McNaughton, Rick Braden, Reid Williams, Blair Sanderson, Tyler Braack.

This was the shortest Hurricanes Annual General Meeting held in the past four seasons.


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