Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hurricanes Pick (D) Khenkel With Import Selection

The Lethbridge Hurricanes have gone to Belarus with their pick in the 2013 CHL Import Draft.

The Canes selected 17 year old defenceman, Kristian Khenkel (pronounced KENK-all) with 20th overall pick. Lethbridge was slated to chose 22nd, but two teams ahead of them, Seattle and Kingston passes.

Hurricanes GM Brad Robson says Khenkel is one of the players is was targeting.

"He came on our radar this spring from Russian scouts. He's 6 foot 2, 188 pounds. He's originally born in Germany. Khenkel's dad is a former pro hockey player in Europe. He is a skilled player, he's tough, loves the physical game and plays a North American-style which we like. His goal is to come to North America and play in the CHL. The good thing is he has size and can skate too. All the reports we've been getting and the video I've watched indicates he likes to jump up into the play. NHL Central Scouting has him on the radar for next year's draft, so we are excited!"



  1. Hey Pat, have you heard anything on the status of Chris Chisamore? Didnt see any press releases like Kabayama had and his contract expired at the end of May if I'm not mistaken...

  2. I'm under the distinct impression that the Canes haven't resigned Chisamore. It's too bad. I thought they could still use him as a goalie and video coach. He seems to be good enough for Hockey Canada. He also seemed very well-spoken when he spoke with Pat and Fred after almost every home game.

    Best of luck to Chris with Hockey Canada this summer and in his future endeavors!

    Poke Check