Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hurricanes Acquire Goaltender Boes From Brandon

Corbin Boes
For the second straight year, the Lethbridge Hurricanes made a move at the WHL Bantam Draft, this time acquiring Goalie Corbin Boes from the Brandon Wheat Kings. 
The Lethbridge Hurricanes held the sixth overall draft pick in the first round of the 2013 Bantam Draft, but they traded down to the 17th spot and acquired Boes from Brandon. 

Hurricanes General Manager, Brad Robson said it was a move that needed to be made. “The goalies we have (in our system) will be our goalies of the future but we needed to make a move. We need to get the season off to a really good start and we needed the experience that we’re getting in Boes.” Robson added Boes is an experienced goalie, he’s a big strong kid and had two strong years with Brandon before being limited by injury last season but he’s bounced back and he’ll be ready to go.

The 19-year old from Saskatoon, SK has played his entire WHL career with the Brandon Wheat Kings and in 43 games last season posted a record of 13-23-2-3. He had a GAA of of .897 and a 3.76 save percentage. For his career he has a .901 save percentage with a 3.35 GAA and a record of 46-45-3-11. 

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. If Boes was 18 and had a couple of season left I could understand this move. We had an opportunity for a blue chip dman. We should have given a 3-5 round pick for another 20 yr old goalie.
    Long Run

  2. Hurricane Instigator2 May 2013 at 11:38

    From excited anticipation beginning when we missed the playoffs yet earned a top bantam pick, to complete disbelief and deflation when I read this news that we GAVE it away. This is without any doubt, the dumbest (two) moves and the biggest overpay that I have seen by the Lethbridge Hurricanes. Yeah, why would we want to pick Kale Clague; (the player that broke Dion Phaneuf's Bantam scoring record for a defenseman) on OUR team when we could instead have a WORSE THAN AVERAGE goaltender?

    On the bright side, Robson will have EVERY GM in the dub calling him to make deals.

    What an absolute disappointment that the GM gave up his sixth overall bantam pick for ANY tender, never mind an argueably mediocre one coming off a terrible year.

    Antithesis of "Buy Low, Sell High"... That is, unless you are the Brandon Wheat Kings! And then to pick ANOTHER goalie with our 17th overall pick? (FIRST goalie to be chosen by any other team was 39th overall!) What an embarrassment!

    The more I consider what the Canes did here, the more livid I become. What an opportunity to draft an exceptional player squandered.

    Congratulations to Brandon on drafting Patrick Nolan, then ANOTHER an exceptional player in Kale Clague. I now look forward to several more seasons of early spring tee times. What a waste. What a lousy day to be a Hurricane fan.

    1. Pretty much my sentiments as well, Hurricane Instigator. Kale Clague was rated as probably the top D-man and a top 3 pick overall. This Skinner kid better turn out to be Dymanite in goal, but goalies are the biggest crapshoot in a bantam draft. Also Boes being a top notch starter is far from a sure thing and he is a 20 year old to boot. I will say one thing, Robson has guts but we should have got quite a bit more from Brandon than we did. McCrimmon must be smiling his a$$ off. He got 2 of probably the top 4 players in a very high quality top end draft.


  3. We have three high end D-man prospects already... we didnt need Clague. Rather than choosing the top D-man in Western Canada, we picked up the top goalie... The draft becomes less of a crapshoot each year with much improved scouting skills.

    Boes had the 4th best save % in the WHL in 2011-12, higher than Bartosek and Brossoit... then in 2012-13, he was stuck on the worst team in the conference and still had a save % just below .900... sounds like we stole another Ty Rimmer.