Friday, 19 April 2013

New Blog Look & Blog Comments

You may have noticed my Hurricanes blog has gone through an overhaul with a new fresh look and style.

A few months ago I took down the comments section for a couple of reasons.  One being this impending revamp of the blog and the other simply because with the volume of comments I was receiving I didn't have enough time to go through each comment and decide whether or not it was appropriate to get posted.

I want this blog to be a place where fans of the Hurricanes can get information about the team and offer opinions in a respectable and constructive manner.  This blog receives a lot of hits on a daily basis. So now that the season has ended for the Hurricanes and the team has made a significant move appointing Brad Robson as the new General Manager and soon a new Head Coach to be announced, there's a lot of hype with the organization moving forward in what should be a very busy and interesting off-season.

With that being said and my blog overhaul complete, I plan to open up public comments again starting on draft day May 2nd, 2013.  I will be attending the draft in Calgary and posting audio and comments as the Canes make their selections. On that day, the comment section will open up again, but there will be a few rules I ask fans to respect. There will be NO anonymous posts allowed. It's difficult for people to respond to several different posters who are all anonymous. Posters will have to create a name or handle to post under.

Here are the guidelines on comments going forward starting May 2nd:

* No Anonymous postings will be allowed regardless of the content. All posting must have some form of handle ie: “BridgeFan”
* No postings containing any liable content will be permitted.
* Personal attacks on Hurricane staff, Board Members, Broadcasters will not be permitted. However constructive criticism, observations, or appropriate disagreements (without personal attacks) will be permitted. It makes for good discussion.

I hope all reader of this blog understand what I'm hoping for and certainly welcome you to start posting again May 2nd, 2013.

Happy posting!


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