Monday, 5 November 2012

Hurricanes Set to Unveil New 3rd Jersey

Photo courtesy of the Department of National Defence
The Lethbridge Hurricanes will be sporting a new look Wednesday, November 7th when they host the Victoria Royals in respect of their “Military Appreciation” night.

The jerseys the team will wear come directly from the fans thanks to a design contest the team held last year. The Hurricanes gave their fans a chance to submit their design concept for a brand new “third or alternate” jersey for the 2012-2013 season. The winning entrant, Josh Schroeder, designed his jersey with the “Hawker Hurricane” in mind. As part of his winning design concept, Schroeder will receive a personalized game jersey at a pre-game, on-ice ceremony.

As part of the Lethbridge Hurricanes Military Appreciation Night, they will recognize all branches of the Canadian Forces as well as have a special guest for the ceremonial puck drop prior to the game.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Finally. Ive been hoping that the team would embrace the Hawker Hurricane image for a long time. Makes much more sense for a team located in central Alberta than an actual Hurricane (wind analogies excluded). Willing to bet that these jerseys will be a huge hit and I havnt even seen them yet!

    - Dale

  2. Rimmer's mask should go great with this 3rd Jersey.

  3. Good to see the organization/team honouring our veterans!

    (Can someone tell me why November 11 is NOT a national holiday so everyone has a day off in order to honour our veterans appropriately??? Which day is more deserving of a holiday.....Boxing Day or Remembrance Day?? The August Civic Holiday or Remembrance Day?? Kind of a dumb questions, no???)

    In any event, good on the Canes for their selection of the Hawker as a symbol for their jerseys!!


  4. If they would only care about making $ and sell the retro road (red) jersey. Also one head scratcher thing is that with the renos the hurricanes store is smaller than the previous one. This is a revenue generator and it is the size of a closet where no more than 3 people can be in there at one time. I was hoping to see them try to have a much better store. The one right now is laughable.

  5. In Canada, Remembrance Day is a public holiday and federal statutory holiday, as well as a statutory holiday in all three territories and in eight of the ten provinces (Ontario and Quebec being the exceptions).

  6. If you want to complain about the Hurricane it in the right direction. The original plans for a much bigger more accessible were changed by the contractor and the management of the Enmax without.......without informing the Hurricanes.


  7. Never even heard of the design contest, but cool accolade for this kid!

    Well done, Esther and the Canes!

  8. Sorry, made a fool of myself....Remembrance Day IS a national holiday!!

    Good show tonight Pat. Enjoyed the Rimmer interview. Didn't know Grant Fuhr is a friend of the family. No wonder Rimmer is a top notch 'tender.



    From Preston's history with his previously acquired tenders, I thought Rimmer was destined for 65+ games this year...

    Being that we are now challenging for first place in the division and Preston still has not started Chris-Tai, I think Preston just might play Rimmer 70 of 72 this year, and it wouldn't surprize me if he is hoping to set the WHL record with all 72!!?? (Currently 71 games, 1991-92)

    If TAI doesn't play on (or by) Mon, Nov 12th, for the 1pm Remembrance Day Matinee in Moose Jaw, I will be convinced that Rimmer will see either 71 or all 72.

    If TAI doesn't start by the MJ game, Preston likely will not start him until Jan 19th, in Everett. If he doesn't start by Everett, then he won't start unless Rimmer is injured.

    As far as the rest of the WHL records are concerned, it seems very unlikely that any other records could be broken.

    Rimmer will break the "MOST MINUTES PLAYED" if he plays 70 full games.

    WHL doesn't seem to keep a "MOST CONSECUTIVE STARTS BY A TENDER" record... too bad... might have a great chance at this one.

    WHL doesn't seem to keep a "MOST SHOTS AGAINST FOR THE YEAR" record...

    At the current rate, the season would need to extend to 82 games for Rimmer to break the "MOST SAVES IN A YEAR" record...

    (THANKFULLY), at the current rate, the season would need to be extended to 137 games for Rimmer to exceed the current "GOALS AGAINST" record...

    At the 19 game win percentage, Rimmer wouldn't get enough wins until game 93 to break the "MOST WINS IN A SEASON" record, BUT if the Canes continued (PIPE DREAM) with their past-10 70% win record, it would be VERY CLOSE to get to the current record of 49!

    The NEXT time the Canes are 3+ goals up with a period to go (unless a shutout is still in question), TAI should come in at the start of the third to clean up. The players should be aware of this, and they should strive for delivering the opportunity to TAI. With a good game performance, TAI earns himself a start. If Rimmer wants to play all 72, then he just needs to make sure he keeps a shut-out alive into the third if the Canes are up by 3. - Richie

  10. Pat, Missed the show on Monday. when will it be on the 94.1 site?

  11. I feel the need to bring this up. Four of our five goals in the last game were scored by either rookie or second yr 17 yr olds. It is nice to see previous blogs and media continuously rip this organization for the lack of “systems” and “power play practice”. I think it is always good to bring attention to promote improvement. Having said that I think it is time to give credit to “Keep it simple stupid” and the results it has given us fans. I am finally happy to see the youth in our system do what we drafted them to do. I give a shout out to our players for making me proud as a fan and Mr. Preston and his staff for following through with their plan. Now go get an 18yr old power forward to protect our speedy talented youth and a goalie for next season. And good on the Canes for remembering the sacrifices made to allow us to enjoy these games. HLF