Friday, 9 November 2012

Defenceman Galbraith Ends WHL Career

The Lethbridge Hurricanes announced veteran Defenceman Spencer Galbraith has decided to end his playing days with the Hurricanes and in the Western Hockey League.

The news of Galbraith’s departure came following the teams 4-2 win over Victoria Wednesday night where the 19-year old was a minus-1 plus/minus rating in the game.

The native of Spruce Grove, AB joined the Hurricanes in October 2011 when he was traded to the team from the Brandon Wheat Kings. In 52 games with the Hurricanes last season Galbraith had 7 assists, was a minus-13 plus/minus rating and had 70 PIM’s. This season, Galbraith matched his career total with 7 points (2G, 5A) and played in all 20 Hurricanes games to date.

(From Esther Madyiza, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Hope its nothing serious. Will be very sad to see Spencer gone.

  2. That's too bad, I enjoyed watching Galbraith. He brought experience and a good work ethic to the back end and this season was chipping in offensively. He wasn't the biggest guy out there but he played physical and never had a problem sticking up for himself or teamates. If is heart wasn't in it anymore he didn't really let it show on the ice. I wish Spencer the best and this just goes to show that there is more to life than hockey.

    Joel Topping should get in to the lineup on a regular basis now and it makes room for when Adam Henry returns. I wonder if Rich Preston will look at trading for a 19 year old defenceman now cause the Canes are still relatively inexperienced on the back end.


  3. I will also miss Spencer, I thought he was one of the hardiest working players. He would of got my vote for fan favourite.Best of luck!!

  4. Spencer will be missed. He's a heart and sole player that makes everyone better. He and Johnson kept this young defense together and his tough in your face play will be missed by the entire team. Spencer was very popular by his teammates and the fans. He played like he was 6 foot 2 and would take on any challenge. He was probably the most gifted offensive defenseman the Canes had in years. He will be missed and I wish Spencer all the best!

  5. Wow, what a kick in the rear this is!! I liked this young man before he came to Lethbridge as I am a life long wheat kings fan (now a huge canes fan). I feel like I lost my best friend today but I have never met him!!
    He deserves a tremendous amount of credit for so many reasons. I think he is the reason our current defence is so agressive lately - he started that trend in training camp.
    Spenny, if you're reading this, please know how impressed this fan was with your contribution to this team (and long before you came to Lethbridge).
    Hope things go well for you.

  6. While we can all speculate on what was behind his decision, I for one think he was a really valuable asset to the Canes and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
    Maybe anon at 11:50 AM was more fortuitous than he knows when he spoke of the following: "Joel Topping should get in to the lineup on a regular basis now and it makes room for when Adam Henry returns."
    Just my thoughts but maybe RP had a heart to heart with Galbraith about his role with the team. Topping needs to play regularly and maybe Henry is coming back soon, so Rich may have asked Galbraith if he wants to be traded to another team or do something else; as his role is about to be reduced with the Canes. If that is so, and I have a real hunch this is what his retirement was based on, I just hope it was handled as responsibly as Spencer deserves. He did all and more than what was asked of him. Good luck to him.


  7. This makes NO sense. Something is definitely up. You are very good player in the WHL, and amoung the best at what you do, you are (finally) enjoying success with a team, then.... quit before Christmas????

    Hope the Canes organization hasn't screwed something up (again) here! I hope we learn more about this. I feel very bad for Spencer! - Richie.

  8. I'm also very confused, but it may very well be that it's a personal decision that has nothing to do with his role with the team.

    I don't like the idea of giving Henry OR Topping the same amount of ice time Galbraith was getting. I don't think either of them could handle that. I realize they need to learn and get experience, but too much, too soon can also be a recipe for a young player losing his confidence. They certainly can't replace his toughness or his ability to jump into a fight and literally force-feed a bigger opponent his right hand!

    I guess this is just one of those "we'll have to wait and see" when it comes to how Topping/Henry/Sutton fill Galbraith's shoes as well as if there is anymore info on Galbraith's decision.

    In any event, I wish Spencer all the best in his future endeavors whether it be in hockey, university/college or both!!

    Good luck Spencer!! You will be missed!!


  9. In reading Pat's notes after tonights game regarding Galbraith leaving the team it looks like canesrock's opinion as well as Anon 6:26 concerns about the organization screwing up (again) were completely unfounded. Typical that people automatically assume that Preston did something wrong.

    Spencer Galbraith you will be missed. The wife and I wish you well and a long and happy future.


  10. I was quite taken aback by Galbraith's sudden departure. In my opinion, he was almost the poster boy for this team. Small, fast, talented, with intensity out the hoop. I really think the team has lost an important cog in this team's "identity". On the flip side, perhaps some of the younger guys will get some experience building ice time. Sad to see you go, man, you will be missed.

  11. A hockey player like Galbraith just doesn't quit hockey unless there is a reason. I'm betting he will surface soon playing hockey, the question is where? There is no loyalty between players and coaches and teams. The GM/Coaches are in to build the best ice product they can and don't show any loyalty to any particular player, and players are looking out for #1 and not the team either. What it boils down to is each person/team looking after themselves. No different than someone asking for trade, being traded, being released, or sitting on the bench. HOCKEY is a business -- nothing more or less.

    Being a betting person, Galbraith will likely surface somewhere with likely more in his pocket than what a half year of post secondary education is worth, and the small monetary stipends the WHL pays their players.

    Loyalty?? Absolutely not -- money talks!!! I don't buy the 'not playing hockey anymore!' There is a lot of 'under the table' stuff going on in the CJHL

    Just my 2 cents worth.