Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hurricanes Trade Bounassisi to Wheat Kings

The Lethbridge Hurricanes announced Sunday that they have traded 20-year old Forward Nick Buonassisi to the Brandon Wheat Kings in exchange for a 5th round Draft pick in 2014.

With four overagers heading into training camp the team was able to move the Coquitlam, BC native to play out his final year in the WHL. The Canes were looking for more help offensively and they acquired Buonassisi last October from the Prince George Cougars in exchange for Defenceman Reid Jackson.

In his 59 games with Lethbridge, Buonassisi tallied 45 points (14G, 31A), with 62 PIM’s and he was a minus-9 plus/minus rating. Including his time with the Cougars, Buonassisi was second in team scoring with 49 points and he led all his teammates with 33 assists.

The Lethbridge Hurricanes would like to thank Nick for his contributions to the team both on and off the ice this past season.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Meia Relations)



  1. Good decision to keep Hood in my opinion. As a friend of some of the billets on the team they said that Buonosissi was constantly skipping curfew and out at the bar. That's not the type of player I want my young guys looking up to.

  2. I guess we have our 20 yr olds...sure would have been nice to get an 18 or 19 yr old from Brandon....we will likely be the youngest team in the league this year....the magic was there at the end of the season...i hope the young guns can carry it over to this year....Go Canes Go

  3. then that makes sense...the bad apple is gone....Go Canes Go

  4. Fine with this trade. We should have kept Landon to the deadline just in case one 20 gets hurt. You can’t say Rich isn’t respectful to his players. Trade Tott when he wanted out. Let Landon go to be-able to catch on with a team. Now it time to be bold and trade for an 18 yr old.

  5. Looks like the Canes are going to be serious about getting off to a good start by forming the team early and focusing on getting a cohesive unit out of the gate. I suspect Captains will be named early this year as well. There are going to be a lot of quality 20 year olds looking for a spot so letting the ones here go early is a tribute to Preston in thinking about the players.

  6. Holy positive comments! I was expecting the usual dribble of negative comments about this deal.,....any deal for that matter!

    Looks like the right 3 overages to me. Hood has to be more consistently physical. He reminds me in a way of Dwight King.If Hood plays "nasty", he will open a lot of space for the kids.

    I was suprised that Preston was able to get anything in return, with the uncertainty of the NHL season, leaves a lot of overages floating back to the WHL. So even a 5th round pick is good.

    Prediction for captain....Johnston.


  7. RJ, I have to agree about the positive comments. The lack of a return as far as a body particularly an 18 or 19 year old still concerns me but it looks like our 20's are set and I am ok with the 3 he has. I do have to disagree somewhat about the captain although I would be fine with Johnston. My pick would be Hood. From what I have heard, he has the respect of the room and isn't afraid to be vocal and challenge the young guys. If he shows his strength on the ice consistenly as you mentioned, he would be my pick.

    Let's drop the puck. DC

  8. I agree about the positive comments...are we really ready as a fan base to back the Canes ?? I hope so....! My vote would for Captain would be Johnston, most skilled, tough, keeps his cool and from what I hear works incredibly hard not just on the ice but off as well. Its the effort that the young ones need to follow. Scott