Monday, 6 February 2012

Hurricanes This Week

The Hurricanes turned a three game losing skid into a two game winning streak on the weekend.

After dropping their first game of an eastern swing, 6-4 in Swift Current, Lethbridge rebounded with a pair of wins, 4-2 in Brandon, and 3-2 in Regina. Prior to the Brandon game, the Hurricanes had allowed 20 goals against in their previous three games, something that had the coaches not too happy. Damien Ketlo played goal for both wins and was the game's first star in Brandon and Regina. He was outstanding between the pipes and a big reason the Canes got the victories. Mind you, the team was overall better defensively in those last two games which certainly helped a lot.

With 17 games left in the regular season, the Hurricanes sit with a record 21-33-0-1 for 43 points in 55 games. They remain 12 points out of the 8th and final playoff spot in the East, but just 2 points back of the 10th place Swift Current Broncos. Lethbridge managed only 23 wins all of last season and are more than likely to surpass that mark this season.


The Hurricanes have started their early renewals of seasons tickets for this coming fall. Early The Renewal Incentive for Current Season ticket holders (coupon in the current season ticket book) – offer expires March 9 . With the coupon the Hurricanes ticket price PER GAME – Adult $10.11, Senior $7.08, Student $6.80 and Youth $2.77 - Plus GST and Facility Fees on all tickets. Fans can pick up EASY renewal forms on the concourse of each home game from the Hurricanes Season Ticket table.


Our first show of February airs tonight on CJOC. I'll be away in Calgary for some radio station business, but Fred Jack will be hosting the program along with Marty Baceda from Global TV. On the show tonight, Hurricanes defenceman Spencer Galbraith, Canes Strength and Conditioning Coach Steve Szilagyi, and Drew Wilson the radio voice of Prince Albert Raiders. It all gets started at 6:00 pm (MST) on CJOC.



  1. Kind of ironic that it certainly appears that 3 of the 4 community owned teams in the Eastern Conference will not make the playoffs this year. Swift Current, Lethbridge and PA are all on the outside looking in. Moose Jaw is the only exception. The three teams are all hurting at the gate also because they are not winning. Maybe, it is time for the WHL to step in and look at the community owned team situations. They can start right here in Lethbridge. This will mark the third straight season that they will loose a substantial amount of money. I don't care about all the fancy smoke and mirrors presented by Jim Bradley. Unless this team is winning, season ticket sales and walk-ups will not increase. Quite honestly, I think it is high time the WHL stepped in and directed the board and shareholders to put the team up for sale to a private owner with deep pockets. They stepped in when Portand's ownership was in such a mess....why not here?

  2. Hey Pat...just a thought. I know you likely have all your programs for the rest of the season booked. But, for once this season, why not give the fans a chance to voice their opinions, via a call in show?
    Afterall, you do call it a talk show!

  3. Yeah, Pat. I mean, there must be at least one person who would call in to ask why the canes can't win?

  4. Pat, Who has the most hits or average hits per game on the team. I am sure it is a stat the team tracks.....I am wondering if our PIM leaders are actually our most physical players? DH

  5. Yes, it's something we will do before the end of the season. I've opened the phone lines for a segment the last two years for this very reason and had literally two callers each time. That's been it. I will certainly make the option available in a few weeks. Hopefully we will actually get more than two calls. People have no problem giving their opinion on this blog or message board, but when it comes to the phone where people can actually hear their voice, they don't seem to have that same confidence they do on the computer. Anyway, it will happen before the end season.

  6. anonymous said: Why not here? Because any sale of the team requires shareholder approval. League can't dictate anything. Shareholders must put motion forward to sell team.

  7. The league I believe has the right to revoke the franchise which I believe was the threat to Portland's former owners. You can revoke the franchise if certain conditions are not met like not meeting league operating standards or not paying bills which was the case in Portland. Not sure Lethbridge or other community owned teams have defaulted on the franchise agreement to force a sale even it is the right thing to do.

  8. Umm, there will be a whole lot of privately owned teams missing the playoffs this year. Is that ironic? Sell the team to whom? For all the talk in the community, no one from WITHIN the community has stepped up with a REAL plan to buy the team. Some people have talked about it, but until there is a real proposal, those people should shut up or back it up.

  9. I believe the league owes it to the Board of Directors, shareholders and the city of Lethbridge to see how the current rebuild transpires. The franchise just put $50 million into rink renovations, so to pull the plug on the franchise at this point would be irresponsible, unprofessional and short-sighted.

    I'd like to phone in to your show Pat, but I work until 8pm every evening, so I don't really want to get caught by my boss on the phone! But I'd agree that generally speaking, people are much braver to speak out when they don't have to put their names to their comments. (See the Lethbridge Herald's Roast and Toast section in Monday's paper as a perfect example. Most of those people would never write a Letter to the Editor because they would be linked to their comments. Heaven forbid!!)