Monday, 16 January 2012

Hurricanes This Week

VANCOUVER, BC - After a 10 hour bus ride from Prince George on Sunday, the Lethbridge Hurricanes have settled in to Vancouver for a couple of days.

The Canes will take on the Giants here Tuesday night at 8:00 MST in the second and final meeting of the season between the two teams. Lethbridge dropped both it's game on the weekend in PG, losing 6-3 on Friday and then falling 4-2 Saturday night in the rematch. The Hurricanes pounded a total of 93 on the Cougars goal in those two games, but had nothing to show for it in the win column.

The Hurricanes are nearing the 3/4 point in this WHL season. Through 46 games, they sit with a record of 16-29-0-1. They are 12-12 at home, but the road is where things have been the difference. Away from Lethbridge, the Canes are just 4-17-0-1. One of those 4 road victories came right here in Vancouver a month ago. The Hurricanes have lost 3 straight going into Tuesday's match up with the Giants. They'll be looking for their first win on this 5 game B.C. road trip before heading to Kamloops Wednesday and Kelowna Friday. The Hurricanes will practice here today at Pacific Coliseum before having the rest of the day to relax and prepare for tomorrow's game.


Our weekly Hurricanes radio show is back on the air tonight on CJOC. With me being away on the road with the team, Fred Jack will be in studio to host the program this evening along with Darrell Romuld from CTV Lethbridge. I'll chime in for a bit on the program from Vancouver and Hurricanes Business Manager Jim Bradley will drop by for a chat as well. The show airs at 6:00 pm MST on CJOC. Fred and I will be back LIVE at Average Joe's Sports Bar on 6th Street South Next Monday evening, January 23.



  1. Another good and entertaining show. Keep up the great work Mr. Bradley our family has enjoyed our Hurricane experience this year and we plan on continuing as season ticket holders. As a fan I would have been very disappointed with Mr. Preston had he traded Brody for a second round pick. As far as trading Cam over Brody, I as well would have liked to see Cam stay. If Cam’s trade value was greater than Brody’s and I assume it was, we made the right move. Looking forward to next year when our young talent gets this team in the playoffs and our fans start to return. It will be refreshing when the media stops questioning every decision made or not made and focuses on the likes of Duke, Pilon, Erkamps and the playoffs. The casual fan wants to come see elite talent, which I believe is on the way.

  2. I agree....a very informative show tonight gents.

    To anonymous(7:48), it takes more than season ticket holders to build a winning junior hockey franchise. Losing doesn't sell.

    One thing I'd like to voice as a shareholder and fan is "why the heck is Ketlo playing so many games?" If Liam Liston is going to be the starting goaltender next year, then doesn't Preston think it MIGHT be a good idea to start giving him the game time he needs to find his game and his confidence for next year. I'm at a complete loss to figure Preston's goaltender philosophy going forward into next year. The decision to start a 20 year old goaltender when his services will not be here next year doesn't make any sense to me.

    As for the trades, I think we got good value for Braes. It's obvious he was the heart and soul of this team. Now it's time for Brody Sutter to put his disappointment of not being traded and finish the year off like a leader. If Sutter thinks the NHL isn't watching to see how he deals with his current situation, he needs to talk to his Dad and uncles. Let's hope he turns his attitude around and shows he can lead this team to a successful final two months.

    (Sorry for being critical Anon 7:48).

  3. I like critical it makes this blog fun.

    I agree it doesn't take season ticket holders to build a winning team, although fan support helps to build a winning atmosphere (and keeps a team in the city). My belief is you build a Winning Junior team through the draft and supplement with trades. Pilon, Erkamps, Topping and others were acquired by this staff through trades (all part of the rebuild). If we didn't have this talent in the system, I wouldn't spend the money to renew my seats.
    Not sure of the goalie situation (if the pick TBD clause in the trade has something to do with Listons playing time?) or if Liston is not the future. I also believe this organization took on a Huge undertaking in the reno's and rebuild and should get some praise. I would think most casual and hardcore fans that constantly listen to negativity and second guessing are not going to want to spend their money to see this team. I would have liked to hear how our two 15 year olds are doing in the u16 Olympics, not how Reddington was a bad choice as a captain. Reddington has no bearing on this team’s future. Rich may not have wanted to name Johnston or Oslanski as the Captian as one of the two will likely be gone next season…just a thought.

    I am very concerned that our reserves are gone. I don’t want to see this team exit Lethbridge as it once did. I think it is the marketing and Media’s job to sell the future talent of this team. It is the coaches and GM’s job to develop the youth and make the best decisions to put a winner on the ice.