Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hurricanes Shut Out Spokane Chiefs 1-0

LETHBRIDGE - Liam Liston put on quite a goaltending performance as the Lethbridge Hurricanes shut out the Spokane Chiefs 1-0 at the ENMAX Centre Sunday night.

The Hurricanes came out of the gate flat in this game. The Chiefs, who were playing their 5th game in 6 days were all over Lethbridge in the first period. Liam Liston was very good between the pipes as the Canes were heavily out shot 17-4. Liston stopped every single shot he faced as both teams would head to the dressing in a scoreless tie.

In the second, both teams continued to try and break the scoreless tie, but neither goaltender Liam Liston of Mac Engel would break. It was a much better period of hockey for Lethbridge. The best chance came from Jamal Watson, when the Canes' rookie was awarded a penalty shot, but he couldn't get the puck by Engel. The Chiefs continued to hold the edge in shots 27-15 after 40 minutes of play.

In the third, the Hurricanes would find a way to break the 0-0 tie. Cam Braes on the power play, would tip the puck over Mac Engel to give Lethbridge a 1-0 lead. It was Braes' team-leading 14th goal of the season and a huge one at that for the home team. Late in the game the Chiefs pulled the goalie to try and even the game and they'd have a great chance late when Mitch Holmberg was awarded a penalty shot with less than a minute to go. Liston stopped him and that would seal the game for the Hurricanes as they would skate away with a 1-0 victory. The Hurricanes have now won 4 straight games and 7 of their last 9. The win improves the Canes record to 10-20-0-1 on the season. Lethbridge went 1/3 on the power play while Spokane finished the night 0/3. Brody Sutter left the game in the second period after blocking a shot. He went to hospital for x-rays and his status right now isn't known.

You have to give this young team a lot of credit. Given all the adversity this group has faced this season, they've no question found their groove. Everyone is chipping in and they're getting some very timely goaltending as well. It's a combination of a few things that's making the difference for this team right now.


The Hurricanes hit the road for their next three games as they head into B.C. The Canes will play in Kelowna Wednesday (Dec. 7), Friday (Dec. 9) in Victoria, and on Saturday (Dec. 10) it's off to Vancouver to play the Giants. All three games are 8:00 pm (MST) start times with the pre-game shows on CJOC at 7:30.


Our weekly Hurricanes radio show hits the airwaves once again Monday night on CJOC. I'm away on the road with the Canes traveling to Kelowna, but Fred Jack will be in the studio to host the program along with our guest co-host, Esther Madziya. Esther, the former CJOC morning show co-host is now the Hurricanes Media Relations Co-ordinator. She'll join Freddie on the program for the whole hour. I hope to chime in for a bit on the phone as well. We'll also have an interview in-studio with Marty Baceda from Global TV Sports and in the final segment of the show, we will welcome Vancouver Giants radio play-by-play voice Dan Elliott. It all gets going at 6:00 pm (MST) Monday night on CJOC.



  1. Great goaltending. Great job to coach Chris for getting the most of his tenders. Very proud to be a Canes fan. Keep it up Canes.

  2. GREAT quit hockey...Hurricane Hockey....All team work ...lets keep er rolling game at a time.......

  3. Best game this year at home. The Ref did a good job as well letting the teams play. Liston was the difference.

    Great job boys! Hope Brody is okay and it is just a bruise

  4. Not sure I was at the best game of the year. What I saw was a goalie standing on his head. Not to often you can win a1-0 and be outshot 38-18.I am not sure these coaches have changed anything since the losing streak or if this is all the team. I still see the same old play with know systems

  5. Glad Cam got a point, he is #8 in the WHL for streaks right now, and the only one that's still alive. Great effort, deserved the win!

  6. Great take them any way you can get them...that is two great goaltending performance's in a row by two different goalies! Team played gritty and hung in there. Hopefully Johnston is back on D soon to provide some depth on D. Also hope Sutter's foot is not serious...good luck on the road boys! TD

  7. Not sure I was at the same game as the rest of you.I am very glad they won, would I say they deserved to win our call it a great game definitely not other than for Liston. Why doesn't Bezuch get more ice time

  8. Amazing win! When was the last time a game ended 1-0 in the Enmax centre?!

    Thanks to the boys for an amazing weekend at the Enmax!

    Now it is time to go slay the Ogopogo!

    Welcome back Graham Hood, and please try to keep those clean (yet suspendable) strong hits to a minimum! (Hopefully no Rocket players are related to the WHL disciplinarian!) - Richie.

  9. Great game...NO. Great goaltending...YES. When you are totally dominated in a period like the Canes were in the 1st, no matter what you do after that, you cannot say the Canes played great. That may have been their worst period of hockey all year. Even though the Chief's did not completely dominate the 3rd period, the Canes did only manage to get 3 shots. Not as bad as the 1st period but not very good either. Great to get the win and they all count as 2 points but getting somewhat territorially dominated by a team playing their 5th game in 6 nights is still cause for concern.
    I think the Canes played much better against Red Deer in their 3 - 1 win.
    There are a lot of positives with the team right now, but it is still a work in progress.

  10. To those criticizing the Canes victory over the Chiefs.....How many games did the Canes have to endure losing by a flukey bounce or poor call by the ref?? How many games did they outshoot their opponent 2-1 and lose the game (thanks to some shoddy goaltending and defence) early in the season?? How many games did they lose by one goal when they deserved to win by 5??

    I can't count how many of those games they had during their losing streak and I'm using both hands!!

    Every team (top and bottom) needs good goaltending.

    Give the team a break and give them credit for the two points.

  11. To justwinbaby, I am guessing some of those remarks were for me. I was not criticizing the canes but simply stating what I thought were obvious points. Just wondering if you are missing all of your fingers, because there were a few games in the losing streak they should have won but certainly not more than 10. Here's to hoping Preston doesn't mes up any more young careers.

  12. Anon 11:33 I think it is the backhanded comments like "Here's to hoping Preston doesn't mess up any more young careers" that gets people angry. How about you look at the fact that the team won two big games this weekend and be happy for them for a change without your every one positive comment being countered with two negative comments?

  13. This is for Pat or anyone that can help. Where can I find current hurricane stats without having to look through the entire whl. Also injury reports

  14. Anon12:42. Unlike most Canes fans my opinion of Mr.Preston hasn't changed since day one.I didn't think he was the best person for the job then and feel the same way now. How many wanted him gone just a few weeks ago. As far as me being negative towards the team that is not what I am trying to do. I also see some great young talent and don't want it to go to waste.

  15. Oh and one more thing, lets go Canes, light up the west coast

  16. Anon (12:58) I have to scour the WHL site for stats. There's only so much available. For example, I can't find TOI (time on ice). Just basic stuff like points, goals, assists and +/-

    If you click on a player's name there's a link in grey on the right that will break down their game by game performance, but only with points, assists, goals and +/-

    Unless someone else knows of someplace better?? Not sure.

    I'm also unsure of Preston's abilities, but I'm not going to sweat it right now as long as the boys are having fun and winning, which they appear to be doing. I was willing to let this season play itself out and then look back to assess the coaches etc.

    Go Canes. Bring your fury (and goaltending!) to the coast!!

  17. To Anon 12:58

    Go to the WHL site and click on "stats" then click on "skaters" and then click on the drop down menu (it automatically comes up Brandon 1st) and just change it to the Hurricanes, that's where you'll find the full team stats.

  18. Thanks for the info on finding stats

  19. No matter how much most can’t stand Preston. It is hard to argue the compete level and no quite attitude of our team. Not many kids would continue to give it all they have with what I view as one of the worst losing streaks this franchise has seen. This team seems to care for each other and wants to win for us fans. I love a coach that doesn’t lose his players. When the talent comes/develops, this team will be hard to beat. Go Canes.