Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hurricanes Help Operation Christmas Child

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are kicking off the holiday season by helping those in need around the world.

On Thursday, December 1st Cam Braes, Damien Ketlo, Brody Sutter, Landon Oslanski, Brady Ramsay, Spencer Galbraith, Tyler Kizuik, Graham Hood, Nick Buonassisi, Juraj Bezuch, Liam Liston, Phil Tot and Albin Blomqvist lent a helping hand to Richard and Lisa Henry and Rev. Brian Palsky at University Drive Alliance Church for Operation Christmas Child. The church, located at 55 Columbia Blvd. West is the regional collection centre for Southern Alberta and in total 6,746 shoe boxes were collected from Lethbridge and surrounding area for the global Christmas exchange program.

The program encourages churches, children and adults to pack shoeboxes with toys, hygiene items and school supplies to be given to thousands of children living in impoverished areas all over the world. In the coming days the shoe boxes will be sent to Calgary and then distributed around the world.

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are proud to get into the community and help raise awareness for this great cause and to give the other volunteers a hand in loading up the cartons of boxes to be shipped to needy children.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)



  1. Hi Pat. I would like you to comment on Hood getting a 3 game suspension. I can't recall seeing a dirty hit and no penalty was given to Hood. If you recall the hit on Cowen, did it deserve more games than Petrovic's intentional hit to the head?

  2. I certainly disagree with the suspension to Hood. As I said on the air, I felt that was a clean hit, in the chest area and it was not even close, in my opinion to the hit Petrovic laid on Watson. As you might recall, Hood was never assessed a penalty on the hit, so it would seem to me the officials though it was fine too. I don't think Hood should've been suspended one game, let alone three.

  3. The Canes need to demand an explanation for this decision from the WHL. The commissioner (RR) is a total joke by letting these kinds of decisions go on. So the league is suspending strong players now for a clean BODY check? I don't know what loser is making these arbitrary rulings or what his motivations and persuasions are, but he needs to take a lesson from Shanahan. Check the rules, then watch the hit... 3 games?? - Richie.

  4. How long of a suspension did the kid get for the hit on Johnston? Johnston was in that vulnerable position which could have caused paralysis. Hoods hit was straight on, arms down and no launching. Perhaps it is because Hood stood over the player for a couple of seconds? Taunting maybe?

  5. Hoods hit seemed to be a clean hit, would guess the suspension was for taunting. I would like to know how Petrovic only got one game especially after the run he took at Tot before the head shot on Watson. Great to see the boys playing so well.
    I hope Preston does not mess up the young guys the way he has Tot and Maxwell as examples

  6. Rich needs to praise Hood for the Hit (minus the taunting). Tell him he can be the James Harrison of our league. @ Canes rock I wouldn’t be so quick to give up on Tot and Maxwell. They are 18 and 17 years old with great skill and drive. Rich is giving them lots of playing time. I thought Hood was to slow and not aggressive enough until recently, somehow he has turned it around.

  7. Does anyone know if Sofilas will ever be cleared to play or is he done playing hockey. I used to see him at the games but haven't seen him in a while

  8. Canesrock I heard that both Sofillas and Hulit were sent home to complete their recovery. Did I hear right Pat? That Sofillas has a ton of talent. I hope he plays again one day.


  9. The original canesrock2 December 2011 at 14:12

    To Canes rock at 8:14 am. If you are going to use the screen name I have used for 5 years now, please get your facts correct. Petrovic was given a 2 game suspension.

    The original canesrock.

  10. I have finally seen the video of Hood's hit and I can't believe he got a longer suspension than Petrovic. If Hood made contact with the head it certainly was just incidental. Petrovic's hit on the other hand was blatant and dangerous.
    Hood was barely coasting in and never raised an elbow or stick or anything. Totally blown call by the league.

  11. To the original canesrock, I had know idea the name was already used

  12. Anonoymous 1:41.......That's correct. Both players were sent back a few weeks ago. When and if they'll return remains to be seen. Tough breaks for both players.

  13. canesrock (or maybe I'm not him) hehe2 December 2011 at 15:12

    To Canes Rock. Hey it's no big deal. It is a free country and you can use any name you want. It just may make things simpler if only one of us uses the name on these sites.
    Also, God forbid, what if we post totally opposite opinions on the same subject. People will think that canesrock dude is arguing with himself and must be nuts.....hehehe.


    The above is the full Global TV link to the Graham Hood hit on Red Deer's Cowen. (Take a look for yourself. 1:25 into the clip)

    Unless I am missing something... like was GH holding a knife? Hood was barely skating, certainly not a charge, and not a head shot. The ref was watching the entire hit from 20 feet away, and no call was made because the hit was clean. It looked like two gloves in the chest of Cowen to me.

    Did they suspend him 3 games solely for his post-hit reaction? (i.e. I am man. You are boy. I just hit you cleanly, and it was beautiful. Can you get up? I will be back to see you later) If ANYTHING, it should have been 2 min for unsportsmanlike, not 3 games because it offended the delicate constitution of the incompetent and inconsistent IDIOT disciplinarian at the WHL office!

    If THIS is what the league deams as unsportsmanlike conduct, then I want to know where Oil Kings coach Derek Laxdall's 10 games suspension was for his Academy Award winning yelling and screaming/whining performance during his last visit to the Enmax Centre.

    WHY DOES THE WHL GIVE HIM 3 GAMES FOR THIS CLEAN HIT?! Has the league changed the rules and forgot to tell the teams? PATHETIC!

    It is decisions like these that repel fans and reduce the quality of the league. This whoe thing makes me furious, can't the Canes get up and call "BS!!" - Richie.