Friday, 25 November 2011

Hurricanes Players Visit Local Schools

The Lethbridge Hurricanes are proud to get out into the community, reaching out and connecting with their fans.

Throughout the 2011-2012 season as part of their “Positive Role Model Program” with the teams Education Advisor, Jim Stewart, the Hurricanes will be visiting area schools talking about the importance of education, exercise and making positive life choices.

On Thursday, Brody Sutter, Graham Hood, Brady Ramsay and Jay Merkley visited the Children of St. Martha Elementary School in West Lethbridge and spoke about their own experiences both on and off the ice and in the classroom. More than 100 kids took part in the session and some even got to chance to team up with the players in a game of floor hockey.

The players also sat down and signed autographs for every single child and nothing was off limits – jerseys, t-shirts, wallets, lunchboxes, arms and binders; the players signed it all. The Hurricanes players realize the importance of connecting with the kids and know that at such a young age, the words they speak and the way they conduct themselves will have a lasting impact on the youth of Southern Alberta. The next Hurricanes visit is scheduled for December 15th at Father Leonard Van Tighem School.

(From Esther Madziya, Hurricanes Media Relations)


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  1. This is a great thing for these young kids. Not sure if the players realize how much these little guys look up to them? They don't care about the team's record. All they know is they're Hurricane hockey players and are "cool".

    Good on the Canes for these school visits!