Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hurricanes To Honour Veterans With Special Jersey

The Lethbridge Hurricanes will wear a special jersey for one game next month to honour Canada's fallen war veterans. (Graham Hood sports the new look on the left)

The Canes will sport the new look on November 9th when they play host to the Seattle Thunderbirds. Team Media Relations Coordinator Esther Madziya says they went through a number of ideas to best represent the Canadian military and show the team's appreciation. On the regular Hurricanes jersey are stars. Those will be replaced with maple leafs on this special jersey which will be red in colour and feature an army fatigue pattern on the front. Madziya says on one shoulder will be a "Support Your Troops" ribbon and on the other shoulder will be a Canadian flag. She says the jerseys will be auctioned off on http://www.hurricanesauction.com/. between November 3rd and November 14th. All the proceeds raised will be shared between the Legion poppy fund and the local military museum.

Glen Miller with the General Stewart Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion says the Hurricanes worked with the Canadian military on the design concept for these jerseys. He says the hockey team has really taken things a notch forward with the look of these jerseys.



  1. Not to be one of the, "nattering nabobs of negativism", but that Jersey just kinda don't do it for me. "You know what I mean Vern"?

    For sure it is a great idea anytime we can honor the people of the military, so *A* for effort to the Canes. As far as the look goes, it sorta just seems like a normal Cane's Jersey that is really dirty.

    OK. Fire at will for my comments, but I just calls them as I sees them!

  2. My concern isn't so much for the look of the jersey (although I see what Canesrock means), as much as it is that I wonder how much money is continually being spent on new jerseys. I just read where the team lost money and will lose money again this year if attendance doesn't pick up.

    I LOVE the idea of sponsoring a game for a cause such as our veterans. Lord knows they deserve much more than a special jersey night for their sacrifice. But I wonder if we could accomplish something similiar without creating/designing and paying for a new jersey?

    Maybe I'm way off base. Maybe it didn't cost the organization any money to design and create these jerseys? I guess what's done is done and I hope the fans get involved with the auctioning of the jerseys as that is the most important part.

  3. seems like pandering to me. Just as everybody does breast cancer fundraising while ignoring other forms of cancer it seems every team now honors the military in some way as a pr stunt. This is not an original idea. The canes are just following the pack. Looks like they just changed the computer program for a background color.

  4. Who cares the cost! Not anywhere near the cost of lives sacrificed so we can B''tch about everything the organization does. It is the least we can do to show our appreciation for our freedoms.