Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hurricanes Lose 4-1 in Red Deer

RED DEER - Two goals in the first period helped the Red Deer Rebels beat the Hurricanes 4-1 Wednesday night.

A much better start to this game for Lethbridge, but they still found themselves trailing just past the midway point of the first period. Joel Hamilton stole the puck away from the Hurricanes defence, skated in, and let a rolling shot go, beating Damien Ketlo and putting Red Deer ahead 1-0. With just over a minute to go, the Rebels would add to their lead. Chad Robinson picked up the loose puck in front of Ketlo and put it upstairs to make it 2-0 Rebels after one. Red Deer out shot the Hurricanes 12-9 in the opening 20 minutes.

In the second, the Hurricanes would cut the lead in half. Cam Braes took a nice feed from Phil Tot for his 5th goal of the season to get Lethbridge on the scoreboard. It was 2-1 at that point. It didn't last long though. Red Deer would get that one back on a power play. Matthew Dumba was allowed to walk right in and a fire and shot off the crossbar and in to give the Rebels a two-goal lead again, this time 3-1. That's the way the period would end. Red Deer out shot the Canes 25-20 through two periods of play.

In the third, the Hurricanes pressed hard to get back into the game, but the Rebels would seal things with an empty-netter from Adam Kambeitz. The final score: Red Deer 4 and Lethbridge 1. The Canes were out shot 34-31. Lethbridge went 0/6 on the power play and the Rebels 1/6. The Hurricanes continue to struggle on the man advantage and are a combined 0/17 in the last two games. Damien Ketlo played a solid game I thought for the Hurricanes in goal and came up with several key saves throughout the night. Assistant Coach Chris Chisamore was frustrated on the post-game show, saying the penalties the Hurricanes took while on the power play really took the wind out of their sales in this game.

The Hurricanes brought up one of their future forwards to play in Red Deer. Reid Duke who the Canes chose 5th overall in the 2011 WHL Bantam Draft suited up for the Hurricanes and wore number 28 in his first WHL regular season game. Head Coach and G.M. Rich Preston talked about the team's goaltending situation in the pre-game show. Preston only said he's "still talking to teams and we'll see what happens later on this week.". The Canes have three goalies still: Anderson, Ketlo, and Kovacs. Ketlo played in goal for Lethbridge in the Red Deer game and was backed up by Anderson. Kovacs was a healthy scratch.


The Hurricanes are back on the road again Friday when they travel to Cranbrook to take on the Kootenay ICE. It'll be the second meeting of the season between the two clubs. The ICE will play in Lethbridge next Monday. Game time from Kootenay is 7:00 pm (MDT). The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30. The Canes return home Saturday to host Swift Current.


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  1. In a post-game interview after tonight's game assistant coach Chris Chisamore said it right, " there is a recurring theme". He was commenting on the power play (or the lack of it) and the lack of discipline (certainly a lack of it) especially on the power play. But this is a recurring theme that has been going on for two plus seasons. So who is responsible for the lack of discipline, the lack of a power play? The recurring theme is the coaching staff. Before this becomes a cancer that infects the young players...the future of this club, something has to be done. Can't Preston see that the same things are happening year after year after year? Ok I will give him a pass on the first season as he was left a mess. But nothing has changed. So are we going to be picking in the top 5 of the bantam draft again? Certainly looks like it, but that of course is another recurring theme.


  2. I heard they called up Duke for this game. Wonder if he'll play some more?

    Hoping to get the injured back soon. I'd like to see what they can do with a full lineup (other than Fyten obviously). Their defence still sucks though! lol It's unfortunate Ryckman, Jackson, and Oslanski haven't improved more. They don't play with a lot of confidence.....poor passes coming out of their own zone and how they handle the puck in their own end isn't good. I say, I'd like to see how they'd fair with a full lineup.

  3. Watched the game on the internet, a much better cannot be competitive in this league with a forwards consisting of 1 - 20 year (Braes) old 1 - 19 year old (Hood) and 2 - 18 year olds (Tot and Ramsey) with the balance of the forwrds being 16, 17 and 15 year olds, including a 17 year old rookie defenceman playing forward. The fact the Canes were not blown out by 6 or 7 goals is somewhat remarkable.

    I agree with the other comments on the power play. Red Deers last night was unreal, they had 2 set units and many set plays. We have a different combination on every powerplay and it is obvious they are no set plays just improvisation. Most teams have 2 set units and practice PP and PK every single practice all year...obviously the Canes don't if rarely practice either PP or PK. It is not for lack of PP talent...Braes, the Euro, Sutter, etc are all skilled, Johnston has a good shot from the point and Erkamps can move the puck....its about a system and when Chisamore talks about discipline on the power play how about starting with the coaching staff's discipline, teach, stick with the set units and practice practice practice..!! TD

  4. Bezuch is 18 as well

  5. When I mentioned Bezuch as 18, although he does not turn 18 till December, WHL standards are by birth year and he would be considered an 18 year old.

  6. I thought that was a really good game last night. The rookies played well. I especially enjoyed watching Duke. He is going to be good. You can't blame the rookies for that inept PP. You can hang that on the vets and the coaches.

  7. Revisiting our team's '20 year olds' situation just for a moment, please.

    Preston is acting like a day-trader. Get Ketlo, then try to trade Ketlo. Get Marantz, then trade him.

    Maybe I am missing something, but unless we somehow get to ignore the trade deadline, moving Marantz and having Fyten on injured reserve does not solve this problem, it only defers it to a time we can't do anything about it (i.e. after the Jan, 2012 trade deadline).

    We still have four 91-born players, and if we don't move one before the trade deadline, Fyten will be ready to play, and then what? We will be forced to release an asset with NO compensation whatsoever?

    As much as I will hate to see him leave, if the Canes haven't already been trying, they need to move Fyten to a team that feels it is playoff bound in the Western Conference ASAP and hopefully get some much needed scoring help in return, NOW.

    If there is no interest in Fyten (can't imagine that), then shop either Sutter and Braes for 18s, 19s, &/or prospects. We cannot give yet another asset away when Fyten returns - Richie.

  8. Fyten is out for 6 months from the time of the surgery. He has yet to have surgery. He is out for the season.

  9. Watch for Anderson to get dealt today.

  10. With respect to the 3:30 PM poster. With any luck they will send Anderson packing. With Ryckman's give away at Red Deer ( listened to Pat on the Radio) on the first goal he will be carrying Andersons pads as well

  11. I guess Anderson did not get dealt today....wonder what happens if no deal can be done?....once Marantz was traded Anderson's trade value went down as Preston played his hand first?

  12. I am a rebel fan and watching the canes last year..and this year..I see no difference..they run around seem to have no set plays and are a POOR team.. the coaching is awful.. come on no one can believe Rich is a good coach or a GM .. so the way their going i bet they get a top 3 pick next season and maybe will only lose a couple hundred grand.. that rainy day fund is floating...

    glad I moved to red deer

  13. I'm still not sure why a lot of fans think Anderson has a lot of trade value at this point of the season? He isn't playing well and the season isn't even 10 games old. True value occurs further toward the trade deadline. Let's see how the team plays with Sutter and Merkley back in the lineup. If Preston is able to trade Anderson, I'm not expecting much more than a 4th round pick in return.

    With no due respect to 6:48pm, I'm glad you moved to Red Deer too. It wasn't that long ago the Rebels were the ones running around without any set plays. What comes around, goes around......Even the Hitmen see their highs and lows.

  14. I don't think Anderson will be the guy to be a second stringer until the trade deadline. Sometimes it is best to take the 4th round draft pick and move on. Listened to the Hurricane’s report on Monday and was very impressed with coach Chris's take on Ketlo. Our strength is in our youth not Anderson, Let Ketlo be professional and mentor our young tender. 8 out of 11 2011 draft picks in the U16. GREAT JOB SCOUTING STAFF AND GM! Our time will come, let the youth struggle and develop. Well said back to the Red Deer fan.

  15. Agreed. I guess it's probably best to move Anderson sooner rather than later (sigh). Especially since the overage deadline has come and gone. It's unfortunate he didn't show much improvement.

    This is the time when Preston will show if he knows what he's doing or not. Let's hope he does.

    Very good to see how many Cane draft picks made the U-16 team!