Monday, 26 September 2011

Hurricanes This Week

After opening weekend of the 2011-2012 WHL season, the Lethbridge Hurricanes find themselves on a high note as the get ready to take on the defending WHL Champs, the Kootenay ICE Tuesday night in Cranbrook.

The Hurricanes played a very good game in Medicine Hat Saturday night and were full value for the 4-2 victory. They also outshot the Tigers and Brandon Anderson came up with key saves with the Tigers pressing late for the equalizer. No question the amount of penalty Lethbridge took is a bit concerning. In fact, I'm sure both coaches weren't too impressed with the amount of power plays and 5-on-3 given out in that game by the officials. In the end, it was a power play goal in the third period by Cam Braes that ultimately turned out to be the game winner.

Out of all the the rookies who saw their first WHL regular season action, defenceman McCoy Erkamps logged the most ice time and certainly did not look like a 16 year old out there for the first time. Rich Preston game him a regular shift on the blue line and he looked right at home. Jay Merkley, I thought had a solid first game too, recording his first WHL point with an assist. All in all, it was a good first game and any time the Hurricanes can find a way to win in Medicine Hat, that always adds to excitement.

The Hurricanes will take on the ICE in Kootenay Tuesday night and then return home and play host to Calgary on Friday and Regina is in town Saturday. More to come later this week on the ENMAX Centre renovations, which fans will get to see for the first time since the Canes last played in March. Those coming to the ENMAX Centre this weekend will notice big changes inside the building, especially the addition of the new video scoreclock.


Our second edition of Hurricanes This Week is on CJOC tonight at 6:00 (MDT). The show will be broadcast LIVE from Average Joe's Sports Bar on 6th Street South. Joining Fred and I for the entire hour will be Hurricanes Head Coach and G.M. Rich Preston. Any questions you'd like to ask, you can email to



  1. Pat, I keep checking this blog for breaking trade news but nothing!
    Is Preston going to make a trade to address weaknesses or what? The Canes have plenty of assets they could use to address these roster holes. A deep crop of 16's and 17's and also 19 year old Dmen. Get on the phone already Preston! Stop mismanaging your roster.

  2. Holy Mackerel GDC..Give Preston some slack. There is no sense to rush into a deal. Yes he has lots of assets. But he does not want to be taken to the cleaners. Deals need to be made to strengthen a team, but not in haste. I would imagine the injuries to Fyten, Tot and Sofillas along with the goaltending situation are all being taken into consideration before he makes any move. Mismanaging the roser? He was left a mess, now he is rebuilding and it is not done overnight. That deep crop of 16-17 is our future.

  3. Chill out GDC. The other teams are also looking at their situations and figuring out what they need.

    It takes two to trade. I agree with the second poster Preston was left a mess to clean up.

    Take your time Rich and get a good trade to bolster the team.

  4. We are in a poistion of strength. Isn't that when you want to make trades?
    Is he going to wait until we go on a 6 game losing streak and then hope to swing a deal?
    History shows this is an 18 and 19 year old league. Canes won't be winning if they count too heavily on 16 and 17s.
    Just saying.
    I don't want to see that young crop of talent have their confidence shattered from not being competitive on a nightly basis.
    Canes fan

  5. WOW GDC. That is all I can say is ..... WOW.

  6. GDC

    What are our weaknesses and who should we trade? What do we need to improve our team for now and in the future? Instead of being one of the Preston haters that rips everything the guy does, bring some ideas to the blog. I am and have been a huge Preston fan that is happy he is building our team the correct way. Pilon, Duke and Wong to go with our current 16 year olds. Wow. Rich and his scouting staff have proved how to build/draft a team, now lets hope his coaching will be as good as his building. Russ seems to be proof that he can develop these young kids. Go Canes.

  7. Have their confidence shattered? I hope these kids aren't that weak. If they are, they should go home. Since they're not, I think YOU need to step away from the ledge, GDC. This isn't the Canes year, so why dump 16s and 17s for old guys who cost too much? Or do you think that 50-goal scorers grow on trees?

  8. just want to say thanks pat to whoever does the replay of the show 4 putting on this quick, i love listening to the program but i can never get home from work in time.kudo's to your staff.

  9. Thanks Bob. I will pass that along. We decided this year to get the show uploaded as fast as possible following the LIVE program. It should be ready for download the very same evening it airs.

  10. I'm going to disagree with GDC as well.....there's NO way in hell we should be selling off our younger players so we can get older. That doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever. I don't think Preston should be making any moves at this point. If the Canes are out of a playoff spot come the trade deadline, then that would be dealing from a position of strength. Trading Yadlowski last year in the first half of October was NOT dealing from a position of strength and left all the responsibility to Mike Reddington. Having Yads for a few more months would've helped Ryckman, Jackson and Johnston greatly.

    So, let's not get ahead of ourselves and start making trades for the sake of making trades. Let's get our injured players back and see what areas are in need of support and which areas have too many bodies. The older players have a lot to offer the young guys.

    In Kootenay tonight.....same effort as the one in the 'Hat. Go Canes!!

  11. To clarify, I am not saying trade Duke, Pilon and Merkley.
    I am suggesting trading a couple 19 defenseman and package them with a 17 that is sent packing because no roster spot is available in his age group. ie, Balog, Guiel, or a Harrison. They are certainly capable of playing in the WHL. Bring in an 18 or 1c year old forward that is say a 30 goal scorer. Make a 4 for 2 trade or something similar. Ship out more players than you are bringing in.