Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hurricanes Name Braes as Team Captain

Cam Braes has been named the Lethbridge Hurricanes Captain for the 2011-2012 WHL season.

Braes was presented with his jersey today at Adams Ice Arena bearing the "C". He becomes the 20th Captain in Hurricanes history.

Braes: "I know wearing the "C" comes with a bit more pressure and responsibility, but I'm not going to change the way I play. I've always considered myself a leader on the team, even when I was younger. The only thing that might change is stepping up a bit more to fight for our younger guys. We have other good leaders in the room like Fyten, Johnston, Ryckman, and Sutter, so it won't all be on me, but it's really important to lead by example. I've learned a lot from guys like Ben Wright, Carter Bancks, and Mike Reddington over the years. I'd like to take a little bit from all three of those Captains and develop into my own style and hopefully that'll be good for the team. This is a privilege in what is a special season for the Hurricanes with the 25th Anniversary. I've been here a long time and I'm pretty happy to get this honour."

Associate Coach Matt Kabayama commented on the team's new Captain:

"Cam's been with our program for a long time, coming in as a 16 year old. He's gone through other Captains like Wright and Bancks and this is the next step for him. He's earned this and he's really grown as a man and as a hockey player and he's what we want the Hurricanes to be. He has a lot of respect in the dressing room and this is not just coming from the coaching staff."

Braes was drafted 48th overall by the Canes in 2006. He joins a long list of players to wear the "C" over the past 25 years in Lethbridge.

Hurricanes Captains History:

1987-1988 – Kevin Heise
1988-1990 – Peter Berthelson
1990-1991 – Brad Rubachuk
1991-1993 – Jamie Pushor
1993-1994 – Shane Peacock
1994-1995 – Scott Townsend
1995-1996 – Randy Perry
1996-1997 – Dale Purinton
1997-1998 – Luc Theoret
1998-1999 – Sean Robertson
1999-2000 – Jason Hegberg
2000-2001 – Thomas Scantlebury
2001-2002 – Ryley Layden
2002-2005 – Brent Seabrook
2005-2006 – Mark Ashton
2006-2007 – Kris Hogg
2007-2009 – Ben Wright
2009-2010 – Carter Bancks
2010-2011 – Mike Reddington
2011-2012 – Cam Braes


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  1. fantastic news! Very glad for him, he has earned this. Congrats Cam!

  2. Excellent choice. He is a good leader who has matured over the years. Very much like Carter Bancks.

  3. Great call! Congrats Cam ...TD

  4. Great choice, team!

    As much as I have always been impressed with Cam's fighting skills, I am bit concerned with his words about "stepping up a bit more to fight for our younger guys."

    I imagine the new video clock is going to tempt more players to fight so they can watch from the penalty box, but I would sure rather see 50 goals from Braes than 50 penalty minutes.

    Penalty minutes have been a huge problem out of the gate the past couple of years, and I hope the Canes focus more on being on the opposite end of this poisonous stat this season! - Richie.

  5. Good observation by Richie...we were one of the most undisciplined teams in the league last year. We cannot afford to have our few veterans, Braes Fyten, Sutter Johnston etc in the box defending young guys...being tough is one thing being stupid is another...our leaders need to be smart and stick up for each other but not at the cost of victory. TD

  6. Saw a rumour on a message board that Austin Fyton is hurt? Any word how serious? TD

  7. Great news for Cam, he certainly deserves it. Almost a Carter Bancks clone and he wears the same number as another fan favorite who became captain.....#14 Brad Rubachuk!

    A's will likely go to Fyten, Sutter (if they return) and Johnston.

  8. Congrats to Braes!! His name fits with a lot of the previous captains in that they are hard-working and don't take shifts off. Way to go Cam. Great honour for you!