Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Don Clark New President of Hurricanes Board of Directors

Following Tuesday night’s first meeting of the 2011-12 Lethbridge Hurricanes Board of Directors congratulations go out to Board Member Don Clark who was elected the new President of the hockey club.

Clark will take over from former President Brian McNaughton whom was not reelected at the Hurricanes AGM. Clark will head up a Board made of Vice President Brian Wichers, Adele Barrington, Herb Beswick, Rick Braden, Brad Cook, Auke Elzinga, Dick Gibson, Randy Joevenazzo, John Koliaska, George McCrea, Dave Olson, Duane Ptycia, Kelly Shigehiro, Pat Shimbashi and Jim Whittaker.

Other details completed at last night’s meeting included the following selections on Committees and Committee Chairs:

2011 - 2012 Executive Positions – Lethbridge Hurricanes Board of Directors
President: Don Clark
Vice President: Brian Wichers
Finance Chair: Don Clark
Secretary: Dave Olson

2011- 2012 Committee Appointments
Business Operations/Finance Pat Shimbashi – Chair; Brad Cook, Don Clark, Auke Elzinga, John Koliaska, Dave Olson

Hockey Operations: Randy Joevenazzo – Chair; George McCrea, Kelly Shigehiro, Brian Wichers

Communications: Dick Gibson – Chair; Adele Barrington

Governance: George McCrea – Chair; Herb Beswick, Herman Elfring, Pat Shimbashi

Onside: Brian Wichers – Chair; Dick Gibson, John Koliaska, Dave Olson, Duane Ptycia, Jim Whittaker

Billet Liaison: Pat Shimbashi – Chair; Adele Barrington

ENMAX Liaison: Don Clark – Chair; Rick Braden, Jim Bradley, Don Clark

Hall of Fame Alumni: Dick Gibson – Chair; Herman Elfring, Dave Olson, Duane Ptycia, Kelly Shigehiro, Brian Wichers.

(From Ryan Ohashi, Hurricanes Manager of Communications & Events)


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  1. Who is don clark? what has he done? background??.

  2. No idea..........

  3. Enough housekeeping......bring on training camp. I haven't been to a camp in a long time, but I'm much more curious this year as I think this is a very important year for the the organization and will be going to a few scrimmages.

    (I just hope these guys on the Board know what they're doing).

  4. I Know who he is. He is a man that not only wants to help but wants to succeed. Not just at this new endeavor but at whatever his personality is involved in. He is a humble man with a great presence. You will like him the second you realize who he is, he is a friend to many, and has many friends. Congradulations Don you are already successful.