Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kuvaev Picked Up by ICE

Alex Kuvaev is now a member of the Kootenay ICE.

ICE broadcaster Jeff Hollick is reporting on his blog that the defending WHL Champs have added the 18 year old Russian forward to their protected list. Kuvaev was released by the Hurricanes prior to the Import Draft at the end of June.

He scored 11 goals and added 13 assists with Lethbridge last season, but saw minimal ice time in the last have of the season.


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  1. Good for Alex...he showed promise in spurts...Smart move by Kootenay getting a Euro that has a year under their belt in NA....Not sure why Leth didnt keep him as new Euros are complete unknowns and are alwways a crap shoot coming into the WHL.

  2. I'm SO happy for this kid. He was completely mishandled by the Hurricane's organization AND GM Preston, so it's nice to see him get a second chance.

    I'm going to preempt RJS's blog, by saying that there is nothing wrong with Kuvaev's skating.....not sure why you continually bring that up??? I've seen him skate and I saw FAR worse skaters on last year's team who didn't get benched.