Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hurricanes Deal Machacek to Seattle For Draft Pick

Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager/Head Coach, Rich Preston, announced today the Canes have traded overage defenseman Cason Machacek to the Seattle Thunderbirds in exchange for a 6th round WHL Bantam Draft pick in 2012.

Machacek, a Lethbridge local was an Alternate Captain last season for the Canes and totaled 183 PIMs last season – the most of any Hurricanes player in a single season since Andy Thompson in the 02-03 season. The 6th round pick acquired in this trade means that Lethbridge not only holds all of their current 2012 selections but also two extra fifth round selections - Vancouver’s (Reners) and Everett’s (Yadlowski) as well as two extra sixth round selections – Seattle’s (Machacek) and Regina’s (Import Draft pick – 2010).

“We were in a position where we knew we had to make a move and we wanted to get something done prior to the season” said Preston “It’s a better situation – we avoid the rush at the 20 year old deadline, get the deal we want - and for the player he gets to go to camp and really make the most of his 20 year old season. We spoke with Cason prior to this and as a hockey club we wanted to ensure that a quality individual who’s been a warrior and leader for our hockey club would end up in a good situation, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors”

Listed by Kootenay in 2007 the Hurricanes acquired Machacek in December of 09 in a trade from the Ice in exchange for a 4th round WHL Draft pick in 2011. Machacek already has roots in hockey as his brother Spencer is a WHL alumni with the Vancouver Giants and was a part of their 2007 WHL Championship and Memorial Cup Championship teams. The Canes now have three overage players remaining entering the 11-12 season – Cam Braes, Austin Fyten and 2011 NHL Draft pick Brody Sutter. If all three return this line could be one of the most potent offensive threats in the league.

(From Ryan Ohashi, Hurricanes Manager of Communications & Events)


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  1. Good for him. I am glad to see Preston made sure he was looked after. Best of luck Cason.


  2. Classy move by Preston and the organization to find Cason a home....glad we only play Seattle once! TD

  3. Cason always appeared to be a fantastic teammate; loyal without exception. Absolutely sad to see him go. Seattle will love him, and his toughness. Hope he is happy with this result. - Richie.

  4. I guess Preston is making room for his new 19 year old Swede defenceman. As I said in an earlier posting, I didn't think he would get much for any defenceman he tried to trade.....and was right so far (6th Round Bantam pick for Machacek). Losing toughness will hurt, but I thought Cason's foot speed hurt his defence. He took some very unnecessary penalties. But again, losing his toughness will allow the small Hurricanes to get taken advantage of. Not sure who will fill the "toughness" void?? Good luck Cason. Obviously you're going to be a welcomed addition in Seattle. You were a good team player and had the privilege of seeing you do some good community service.

  5. Hi Pat. I have an unrelated question (to this particular blog) for you.

    When does the Hurricane rookie camp open? And also, is there a list of NHL draft eligible Hurricane players? (I don't know the "Birthday Rule" for draft eligible players).

    I'm interested in seeing this Merkley kid at rookie camp and if the Canes have any NHL draft eligible players (Sophilas or R. Maxwell?).


  6. Darren,
    The Hurricanes don't have a rookie camp. They just have one general camp for all players. It's been that way for a couple of years now.

  7. Hey pat do you know when the camp dates are?

  8. Darren, the canes don't really have any top prospects for this years draft. Soffilas would need to have a monster year points wise because of his size, as would Russ Maxwell. The new euro forward Beziuk (spelling?) Might have a chance with a good year. I think the best chance would be Kovacs if he has a good year. I hope he can take the starting spot from Anderson and then Anderson becomes an asset we can trade out for a forward, D, or maybe a younger goalie. Who knows, maybe you could move anderson and a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a young goalie and top 6 forward with some skill.

  9. Camp goes from August 31 - Sept 4.

  10. Machacek only got 6 pts all year... 2 after Xmas... looked good and improved last fall but got way worse over the season... not a valuable asset at all.

    As for toughness, Hood and Tarnasky are just as tough! Plus, both can evenly fight any other tough guy in the WHL... and on top of that, both can skate well and are not a liability each shift on the ice.

  11. @Anonymous (as most of you are choosing to be on here): I disagree with you on Hood and Tarnasky being as tough as Machachek. There's "sort of tough" and then there's just "flat out mean". Casen falls into the second category. I don't see Hood as a good skater. He is VERY awkward on his skates.....please watch his skating's not good.

  12. Hi pat do u know where training camp will be held.and when the canes be at bridge city chrysler go canes go cant wait for this season canes rule

  13. Just re-reading this blog and have to ask, "did they Canes only get a 5th Round Bantam pick for Yadlowski"? For some reason I thought they also got a 2nd Round pick for him.

    Can you clear that up for me?


  14. They got a second rounder from Everett in this year's 2011 draft. That gave them two second round picks along with the two first rounders back in May.