Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hurricanes Alumni Golf & Seasons Ticket Update

The Lethbridge Hurricanes will hold their annual alumni golf tournament on Friday, July 8th at Paradise Canyon.

Business Manager Jim Bradley stopped by the CJOC studios Tuesday morning to fill our listeners in on the golf event as well as a few other things, including the season a ticket drive.

Bradley: " Back in February we launched the 25th anniversary promotion with 25% off the first 2500 seasons tickets. It's been going very well. We wanted to let people know that we've crested through what we believe is a significant milestone which is the 2000 mark. That means there are less than 500 seasons tickets available (at these prices). We want to let people know to get in while the pricing is where it's at. After that 2500 mark is hit, then we reset back to normal prices."

Jim also talked about the ongoing ENMAX Centre renovations and the new video scoreclock.

"This facility is soon to vault into what I would say is a world-class, mid-sized arena. The experience goes off the charts for what the average fan is going to come to expect during a Hurricanes hockey game. So when there is a break in the play there will be some entertainment. The replays will be the biggest thing for players and fans. To see those kinds of things is all about enhancing the experience. We have the mind set to celebrate every game night. (For this 25th anniversary year) We're going to do everything to celebrate the past, but also relaunch this franchise for the future. We're doing the right things. For example, we have our alumni golf tournament coming on Friday (July 8) and our field is double what it was last year. That's really awarding to know we're going to have 120 golfers out there, a bunch of alumni and local supporters. It's another positive sign that people are gearing up for the 25th season."

"We taking this opportunity this coming season to not only celebrate the Hurricanes history and heritage, but the heritage of hockey in the community. We've got a couple of things planned on paper, that would be a throwback to the entire history of hockey within this community."

From the Hurricanes website regarding the golf tournament:

The 5th Annual Lethbridge Hurricanes/Broncos Alumni Tournament is set for Friday, July 8th, 2011 (1PM) at Paradise Canyon G.C.

The Hurricanes are thrilled with the Alumni support for this year’s event with the likes of Zach Boychuk, Bob Loucks, Mike Wuchterl, Randy Maxwell, Bryan Maxwell, Mitch Maxwell, Colton Yellowhorn, Jason Ruff, Darcy Kaminski, Joe Meli, Dennis Kjeldgaard, Rob Klinkhammer, Rob Fritz, Rick Gal, Nick Polychronopoulos, Bryan Bosch, Tyler Broderson, Mark Greig, Duane Sutter, Rick Collier, Jim Wheatcroft, Dylan Tait, Gord Tait and Corey Lyons all slated to participate! There are still limited spots remaining and the current field has already doubled last year's group.

For last minute sign ups be sure to check out the forms below and contact the Hurricanes office at 403 328 1986.


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