Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mitch Maxwell to Receive Sport Council Award

Lethbridge Hurricanes forward Mitch Maxwell will be one of 10 people to receive an award from the Lethbridge Sport Council.

On Thursday March 31, 2011 the Lethbridge Sport Council will recognize and showcase excellence in Lethbridge sport. Lethbridge Sport Council is in the position to establish a stronger link among sport organizations and between the sport community and the rest of the community. The Lethbridge Sport Council Achievement Awards (LSCAA) will bring together Lethbridge to honour the sport community for their spirit, drive, and commitment of our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and sport leaders.

Lethbridge Sport Council Liaison Chair, Chris Hansen said, "Any person that is member of a Lethbridge sport organization, trains at a Lethbridge sport facility, or is a resident of Lethbridge is eligible to be nominated and win an award. In our inaugural year we are pleased to announce ten awards winners."

Mitch Maxwell has been named the Senior Male Athlete of the Year. This award is presented to a male athlete, considered in their respective sport to be at a Senior Level, who exhibits the highest level of skill, performance and dedication to their sport at their level of competition. In 2010 Mitch was a member of Lethbridge's top level teams in both hockey (Lethbridge Hurricanes) and baseball (Lethbridge Bulls). In the history of the Hurricanes and the Bulls, Mitch is the only athlete that has this accomplishment on his resume. There are many stats to show Mitch's field character and commitment but it his off field ethics and respect that take Mitch to another level, and a complete fit for this award.

(Information provided by the Lethbridge Sport Council)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch (and the Maxwell family for their contributions) on this deserved accolade.

    To compete at such a high level in multiple sports speaks to both his athleticism and his family's support and time sacrifices.

    I didn't get to watch him play ball, but he has shown Hurricanes fans some very nice skills on the ice the past couple of years (including a recent play-of-the-week goal, and another candidate for next week).

    THANKS MITCH (& family)! - Richie.