Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kamloops Blazers Win Draft Lottery

The Lethbridge Hurricanes will have the 3rd overall and 5th overall selections in the 2011 WHL Bantan Draft this May.

The Kamloops Blazers, who had just one ball in today's lottery, won the LIVE internet-streamed event and will move up two spots and get the 4th overall pick. The draft selection order will be the following:

1. Calgary Hitmen
2. Swift Current Broncos
3. Lethbridge Hurricanes (via Regina)
4. Kamloops Blazers
5. Lethbridge Hurricanes
6. Seattle Thunderbirds

I'll have some comments to follow later today with Assistant G.M. and Director of Player Personnel Brad Robson.


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  1. Canes are going to be a heck of a team in a couple of years....with last years picks and this years they look like Portland 3 years let's ensure we have the staff to develop these prospects!

  2. 4 picks in the top 29 gives a lot of flexibility....if Canes still think they are in the running for the Mem Cup in 2013 you can get a couple of top scorers in exchange for one or two of those picks or keep them all and have a Mem Cup contender in 2014....When will the selection of the 2013 Mem Cup location be finalized Pat?

  3. Hey TD,

    The Mem. Cup host is usually selected 18 months out from the actual event, so likely sometime this coming October we will know a lot more.


  4. There will be a preliminary screening of the 2013 Memorial Cup bids in April/May in order to get the number of applicants down to
    3-4 for October. Commissioner Ron Robison mentioned that a while back.

    Having 2 picks in the top five is great! Highly skilled forward and a great puck moving power play quarterback defenseman would be the first two on my list.


  5. I would wait and bid in 2016. The Canes (revenue, wins, and attendance) don't have the great numbers and results yet, there's prob 5 clubs that will get more votes than Leth for the Memorial Cup. And hey, in 2016, these 4 high picks will be in their 19 yr old year!