Monday, 7 March 2011

Hurricanes This Week

Well, as we enter the second last week of the WHL regular season, the Lethbridge Hurricanes find themselves in a tie with the Prince Albert Raiders for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Both teams have six games remaining.

The Hurricanes picked up just two points on their recent road trip to B.C., but that was enough to even things with the Raiders. The Canes' certainly played well enough in my opinion to win all three of those games. Of course all the talk has been Rich Preston's blow up on the bench Saturday night late in the game against Kelowna when he starting tossing things off the bench and onto the ice is pure frustration with the officials. The funny thing is, Preston was quite calm while doing so. As one might have expected, the video is on You Tube. Here's the link: Personally, I would expect any coach in this league to get upset after that call. For Rich Preston that was totally out of character for a guy who is usually cool, calm, and collected behind the bench. I guess he had just about enough on that night. It's too bad the game had to end that way. He was quoted after the game in the Kelowna paper and called it a "phantom call". Will Preston get fined? More than likely. How about a suspension? I don't know about that. I hope not, but that will be up to the WHL brass to decide. No question though the next time the Hurricanes play in Kelowna, the fans at Prospera Place will have memories of airborne water bottles!

This week, the Hurricanes will play three games in four nights. They'll host Moose Jaw on Wednesday, travel to Calgary Friday and be back at home Saturday to host the Medicine Hat Tigers.


Head Coach and G.M. Rich Preston is expected to join Fred and I on the program tonight. Preston will be attending some league meetings in Calgary today, so we hope to steal a few minutes of his time. Also on the program will be Bob Ridley, the long time radio voice of the Medicine Hat Tigers. The show starts at 6:00 pm (MST) on CJOC.


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  1. i heard the league is giving rp today a 1 game suspension and 500 dollar fine.

  2. Wishing there was something to talk about on tonight's show. It's been a terribly slow week newswise though.

  3. How about Klein and Bonnett? How much will the league fine them for ruining a good game? Klein is from Medicine Hat, I think. Why not call him on tonight's show. There are no dub games tonight, he should be at home waxing his head. He LOVES the spotlight on him. When you ask him a question, while you wait for his answer please yell, "Move, move, move" at him while he is answering. He seems to like this.

  4. Is there ever going to be a "Hurricanes This Week" show that actually gives the fans an opportunity to "talk"? Of course the lousy time slot 6-7pm (right during dinner) does not give the fans much of an opportunity to "talk". Certainly your time slot is dictated by management, and maybe not allowing time for fans to call in and give their two cents worth is also dictated by management. But is not a talk-show meant to give the fans an opportunity to "talk" or is it just for the fans to listen to the hosts and their guests talk?

    Would it not be fun to hear the fan's input on the season? Or is the last show another media round table?


  5. TM,
    Fans will have a chance next week to call in on the second-last show on the year. I have blocked off the final 20 minutes of the program for March 14 for fans to call and give us their two-cents on the season. All I ask is that callers be respectful with their remarks and comments. Otherwise have it!

  6. Pat used to take calls after games but all that proved was that this city has a learning disability. It was disastrous. Callers couldn't wrap there head around the idea that you can't make the call and also try and listen to yourself on the radio at the same time.
    I'm sure if he tried to do that at 6 the same thing would occur. Sadly, we will have to listen to ass kissing interviews, soft journalism and Dylan Purcell proving why he's at the bottom of the food chain. WINNING!

  7. Bottom of the food chain? Have you seen how scrawny Siedlecki and Kingsmith are? Paul looks like he's been stuck on a desert isleand. I, however, have clearly visited the dessert island a few too many times.

    -- Dylan

  8. Hmmmm, another example of the top notch journalism that shows up in our local rag of a newspaper. The submissions are not proof read by the writers.I believe the word is island.....not isleand.

    It is ok Dylan, you were probably busy eating another snow cone, bag of mini donuts,and a fully loaded burger!


    Any word on the discipline handed down by the WHL on Preston?

    Maybe 3 games which will give Matt K a chance to coach this team.


  9. I just spoke with the WHL office in Calgary. Any decision regarding disciplinary action from the Kelowna game won't be announced until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest. The WHL General Managers meetings are taking place today in Calgary and that will delay any announcement on discipline.

  10. At the very least Preston should sign an endorsement deal with Gatorade's competition. A commercial with the footage of him tossing away that disgusting Gatorade would be great.