Friday, 18 March 2011

Hurricanes Host Kootenay ICE

The Lethbridge Hurricanes host the Kootenay ICE tonight in their final home game of the 2010-2011 regular season.

The Canes' are four points out of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. A combination of a Lethbridge loss this weekend or just one point earned by Prince Albert in their final two games will clinch 8th place for the Raiders. The best the Canes' can hope for right now is a tie-breaker game against the Raiders, but in order for that to happen the Hurricanes must win both games here against Kootenay and P.A. has to lose both it's games to Swift Current in regulation time. Lethbridge is coming off an 8-1 loss in Edmonton on Tuesday while the ICE managed a win in Medicine Hat. Kootenay still has a shot at catching the Tigers for 3rd place in the Conference, so these games against Lethbridge tonight and tomorrow still mean something for them.

Tonight's game is a 7:00 (MDT) start time. The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30 pm.


The Hurricanes will give out their annual awards prior to the puck drop against Kootenay tonight. The hockey club will give out some hardware in 10 different categories:

1. The Hockey Hounds Scholastic Player of the Year Award

2. The Player’s Bench Community Relations Award

3. The 1st Choice Savings Most Sportsmanlike Award

4. The Evergreen Golf Centre Top Defenseman Award

5. The Heidelberg Inn Top Scorer Award

6. The 94.1 CJOC Three Stars Award

7. The Fan Favorite Award

8. The Joan Kobal Memorial for Perseverance, Dedication and Sportsmanship Award

9. The Carl Trentini Memorial Award (Hurricanes Rookie of the year)

10. The Harry Ingarfield Memorial Award (Hurricanes Most Valuable Player)


Fans now have a chance to design a brand new Lethbridge Hurricanes Jersey! The Hurricanes are looking for design inspiration for the 2012-2013 third or alternate’ jersey - this will be the first season following next year's 25th Anniversary season in 2011-2012.

Fans are encouraged to submit jersey design concepts to the Lethbridge Hurricanes office, with a deadline of April 22/2011. If a design is chosen as our design inspiration, the winning entrant will receive a personalized game jersey at a pre-game, on-ice ceremony and the winner will also be featured in local marketing and media campaign. (Winning submission will be asked to waive all licensing and copyrights).

For more information and for an entry form visit the Hurricanes website.



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  1. doubt there will be 2000 people there tonight. this club blew it down the stretch.

  2. just bought my tickets and they told me they have over 3200 tickets sold already for tonight. looks like another poster that knows nothing about hockey.

    nice work anonymous 2:01

  3. yes, down the stretch. They put themselves into that position a long time before that. The first few games of the season looked good then down from there. I actually think that their poor record is not an accurate reflection of the performance. When you take into account all the single points we collected you can see that the point total is inflated. It's sad to think back at how all were proclaiming how much better we were doing than the previous season at X point in time. It's never good to look at things that way. A guy may pick up a 2 in a bar. The next night he picks up a 4. Saying that he did slightly better than the night before does not turn the 4 into a 10. I just hope next year we do not accept slightly better performance and say at least we have more points than last year. The previous year is in the past. It does not win games this year. Comparing this year to last year blinds us to glaring problems. I just hope Rich's lease on his rental expires soon so he can go back to his hometown. He never made himself part of the community or tried to reach out to fans. That's what junior hockey is all about. Just like you don't treat NHLers and WHLers the same, you have to treat your job a different way when you are in a small WHL city. I saw all the players out there in the community all the time but Rich was never putting himself out there. He may have had too much on his plate but he did nothing to win the fans over. He could not even face the fans and attend the kids skate. No wonder why the players did not buy into his system when he appears to be a “do as I say” kind of coach/gm. I could see he clearly was not a part of the team/community when he did not shave his head last year. His choice for sure, but I think it shows a lot. Actions speak louder than words and with Rich we have not got much of either. Here’s hoping for a festivus miracle over the next 2 games.

  4. go cheer loud for preston. hes been super for this team. u know lots about hockey 2:56. have lots of fun.

  5. I may not know much about hockey but I do I know about community relations and PR. Why does the owner of Sobeys get on the roof in the cold every year? He gets it that's why. Rich does not. The criticism of Preston was completely based on the lack of things he did outside of the sportsplex walls. Please explain how he has been super for this team. Not trying to argue, I just do not see this team being in a better place on the ice, in the community and at the bank than it was the day before he was hired. He has had a 2 year window to make this team better and I do not see that happening.

  6. i think a new jersey would be better in victoria...sell the canes

  7. nanannanannaa heyyheyyyyyyy ohhhhhhh..the fat lady sang lets wait and see what lousy excuse the canes will say as to why rich does not resign...sure theres a million and some in reserves and so they lose 300,000 this can have 2 more yrs before the team is broke and they will be in the bottom I will take any ones bet hit men are better next yr than the canes... G.C.