Saturday, 12 February 2011

Rebels Shutout Hurricanes 3-0

LETHBRIDGE - Two quick goals early in the third period broke a scoreless tie as the Red Deer Rebels shutout the Hurricanes 2-0 Saturday at the ENMAX Centre.

The Hurricanes coaching staff was hoping for a better start Saturday and that's what they got. Despite no goals by either team in the first period of this game, the Canes' played a solid first period, out shooting the Red Deer Rebels 10-8.

In the second, much of the same. End-to-end action and excellent goaltending by Brandon Anderson and Darcy Kuemper kept this a scoreless game through 40 minutes of play. Both teams had some great chances, but the goalies stole the show. The Hurricanes held the edge in shots 25-23 after two periods.

In the third, the Canes' would get tagged with a penalty off the opening face-off and on the ensuing power play, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins slapped a shot past Anderson to break the scoreless tie and give Red Deer a 1-0 lead. A couple of minutes later, the Rebels would go up by a pair. Byron Froese took the puck short-handed and slid it between the legs of Anderson. That gave Red Deer a quick 2-0 lead. It was also the 9th short-handed goal given up by the Hurricanes this season. Before the period would hit the 10 minute mark, the Rebels would put this game away. Andrej Kudrna fired a shot by Anderson while playing 4-on-4 and that would do it for this game.

The Rebels pounded 19 shots on the Lethbridge goal in the third period and ended up out shooting the Hurricanes 42-27. The Canes' finished the game 0 for 4 on the power play and the Rebels went 1 for 7. The loss drops the Hurricanes record to 18-28-3-8 on the season. Despite having just one victory in their past 9 games, the Canes' still remain two points out of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Swift Current, Prince Albert, and Regina continue to struggle as well. The Hurricanes, Broncos, Raiders, and Pats have 10 wins combined between the four teams in their last 10 overall games. If one of these teams can get a winning streak going, it might be the difference between getting in and not getting in to the post-season dance.

This was a great game to watch and both teams played good hockey. The Canes' played much better compared to Friday when they gave up 7 goals in a 7-2 loss to Prince George. Perhaps they deserved a better fate on this night, but they just couldn't hold off the high-powered Rebels attack in the third. Lethbridge battled hard. Just couldn't find the back of the net. It was also the second time this season the Rebels have shutout the Hurricanes. Darcy Kuemper gets the shutout win and with that, the Red Deer goalie records his 11th shutout of the season. That's two shy of the WHL regular season shutout record which sits at 13.


The Hurricanes will finally get a long rest before playing their next game. The Canes' travel to Red Deer next Friday (Feb. 18). It'll be the Canes' last visit there this season, barring a meeting in the post-season. The next home game for Lethbridge is February 19th when they play host to the Edmonton Oil Kings.


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  1. well the canes did play a real good 40 minutes but then came into third real flat. With some the ref calls just brutal. One possitive is that the Canes are still only 2 points out of the playoffs with us and everyone else losing.

  2. The only thing that separated the Canes and the Rebels was a desire to stay focused on the WIN.
    Nothing is as predictable as stupidity and the Canes are predictable from the players to the coaches. It really is time to turn the page this off season. Loyalty my a$$!
    Is there also a mandate towards local players by the organization? M. Maxwell, Machacek, and Ross really are poor WHLers by most club's standards. They don't earn their ice time yet never miss a shift. It's so frustrating to watch.
    To hear in the post game that it was all the ref's fault was laughable! Try working hard for crying out loud. Is it too much to ask? They need to change their name to The Lethbridge Quitters because that is what they are. Quitters and crybabies!

  3. Good for the Canes to control the play for the first 29 minutes of this one against a well coached team.

    Prior to our 2-man advantage at 9:15 of the second, I thought that our team was building momentum to deliver one of their best performances of the season. But, for the second time this year, our coach called his one and only time-out to begin our 5-on-3 less than half way through a scoreless game!? Then, for the second time this year, this time-out rested his under-achieving top line, and ended all team momentum. It was ALL Rebels from that point on. Nice piece of coaching! (Anyone see this differently??)

    It sure would help the team succeed if Hood could play as physical as he did in this game without the accompanying penalties. Impressive, then crippling. - Richie.

  4. I seen a diffrent game. The Rebels are a better team by a long shot. We were out coached , out played , out everything! We hung on for 2 periods. Does anyone else think that the other teams are in better physical shape then us? We have no gas in the 3rd period, and yes alot of that is cause we play 2 lines over and over but even the defense seem to be tired by the 3rd period. I also agree Maxwell , Ross ,Machacek need to be gone. Come on Really , do you think Vancouver hangs on to "locals" just because they are Locals? Give me a break. You will put bums in the seats if you have a good product on the ice....and we do not have that at all .We can blame the refs all we want, but really we deserve most of the penalties we get ! All our coaches are worried about is getting the last change !!!! Even at a 25% discount , I am going to have a hard time renewing my seasons tickets . If you people think we are going to get the Mem Cup are only fooling yourself ...we are the joke of the league ....the board is a joke , the coaching staff is a joke ...and I feel sorry for the players to be put in the position of jokers !!! I am hoping we can turn this around , but as long as we continue with this board of directors I think we are in trouble ....I think they all want to gain something personal ..and are not there for the good of junior hockey in Lethbridge !!! I can continue , but I think you all get my position on all this ! I think we ned more direction at the top ...maybe we should call a timeout ....and not say a word to each other ....

  5. Despite a solid effort for 40 minutes the end result was the same, another loss. The only thing that is saving the Hurricanes from being in the playoff hunt is the face that Swift Current and PA are just 2 points ahead of them. But since the Hurricanes do not play either club again where are the Canes going to pick up points? The Canes have 15 games left of which 14 are against teams that have more wins, more points, more goals for and fewer goals against. The only team behind the Canes in those categories are the Hitmen who they play once. So I ask where are the Hurricanes going to pick up points? With 7 home games and 8 road games propects for the playoffs do not look good. The Hurricanes also have a tougher schedule. PA plays SC 4 times, Regina 2 and Calgary 2. While SC plays 3 vs Cal and 2 vs Regina.

    Time for Preston to play the youngsters a lot more to give them the ice time the need for next season.


  6. Since I do know a couple of the board of directors quite well, I would certainly like to know what the board of directors would get out of this personally? The board of directors do not get any financial gain as they do volunteer, they do not get any "freebees". They get constant harping and complaints, some have left because their business have been threatened.I know some of them put a lot of time and effort into their projects. Do you really think they want the team to fail? Do you really think that they do not have the best interests at heart?

    Of course the moderator of this blog knows this first hand, but he will never speak up for the organization.

    What is your solution? Have some other "jokers" on the board or sell the club?

    Selling the club......does not guarentee anything except higher ticket prices!


  7. I'd like the Canes to get 8th so that I can watch Schenn and Co. for a couple games. Come on boys! Do it for me, pretty please.

  8. TM,
    Yes, I know a number of board members personally too. I can echo your comments. Everyone of those guys wants to see this team succeed as do the fans. To say the BOD doesn't have the best interest of the Hurricanes as their goal is foolish. Every board member gives his own time and energy and needs to be commended for that. I would hope anyone who runs for the BOD in the future has the Hurricanes best interest at heart.

  9. its time to get rid of some of the older players maxwell would never have made any other team in thsi league last year he scored only cause of bancks...he is slow we still take too many penalties, realistically the canes sux.. they win one of every 4 or 5 games and we are sposed to be happy.. they are a poor coached team with at the best mediocre talent and we cna stock all the draft picks in the world but when you don't have a good coaching or good leadership from the players to pass the torch you will be what we are lousy..


  10. You negative little tools should stay off this site. This team can't meet your twisted little dream world expectations. It's junior you fools, things happen once in a while that are not so fun. Being a junior hockey fan means hanging in their in tough times when the team is on the down cycle, that is if you're a real fan.
    And don't tell me the down cycle is unacceptably long in Lethbridge cause it's only been two years. What, you don't recall a run to the leage final in 08 and a 1st round upset of Saskatoon a year later? How selective your memory is. Am I pleased every night with this team, no! Do I jump on people and attack them personally, no! Yes I vent when I get home after a loss just like the next guy but guess what, I'm in this for the long haul. I guess your parents never taught you that if you have nothing but garbage to spew out your trap, you should not say anything at all.
    You know what gives you away and proves that you are just not quite right and missing a few marbles? It's when you say crap like Max Ross and Mitch Maxwell are not whl material. Guess you missed Mitch's goal the other night then and you must not be at the games this year seeing Max Ross forechecking the living daylights out of the opposition all year. He's probably our most consistent player all year, honest effort every night.

    I bet you negative bloggers never wore a pair of skates in your life. And as for Machacek, wouldn't you want
    someone to have your back every single night in this league? Oh no, forgot, you never played.

    Cheer up, you may be surprised what happens in life. And if you can't, stay down in your mom's basement and stay off this blog cause you make my stomach heave.

    Would it not be great to see the fans rally in the last few weeks?

  11. That's the best response ever! I'm going to bookmark it and everytime I am in a bad mood and need a chuckle I can just reread it for giggles.
    Sorry Pat, I am no longer allowed on. SuperFan says so.

  12. Oh my ...superfan take a pill ....just cause someone has said something that you do not like ....everybody is entitled to their own opinion ! The fact is that we are a very weak team , and some of us believe that it is because of the coaching and that the organization likes to keep local talent!

  13. what a joke you guys are on here. making fun of kids 16-20 years old is one thing, but putting names out there is something else. That is totally not fair to these kids they put in their all every night. If i played in the league Lethbridge would be the last place i would want to play because of you people that point the finger at kids. so quit harping on them and show a little support keep the thoughts to yourself if there no good. My suggestion if you don't like the team don't go.

  14. I read this blog daily and Very seldom say anything but feel compelled to speak now, If you don't like the negative comments don't read them.. there no worse than the super fan trying to blow smoke up everyones butts about give this team a chance.. this team is WEAK and has not shown signs of improving and that is beacause of poor coaching and some players that are borderline.. so you can like my comments or choose to not read them.. but I pay my dollars and I can stand up and say my piece


  15. Maxwell is pretty much a point per game player in this league even with out bancks but your right he shouldn't be here!

  16. M. Maxwell has 40 points in 57 games. That's hardly 'pretty much' a point a game player. That's .7 ppg. That puts him in the lower end of 20 year old forwards in the WHL. Not much of an accomplishment and the reason the Canes are 21st place in the WHL. Just because he is near the top in hurricane scoring doesn't mean he belongs. It just means he is part of the problem. He is just as responsible for the problem as the other 19 on the ice every night. I really hope #7 doesn't pick up Mitch's tendancies because as of right now he hustles and plays a team game unlike his brother Mitch.