Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New ENMAX Score Clock Arriving Earlier

Work on a couple of projects as part of the ENMAX Centre renovations are being bumped up a few months.

I spoke with ENMAX Centre Operations Manager Len Overbeeke this week and he told me that construction on the new media gondola on the east side of the building should be complete in just a few months and the new 1.2 million dollar video score clock, which was expected to arrive in July will now be in Lethbridge in April instead.

Overbeeke: "The operations area at the southeast corner of the building is being changed. They're ripping out the the overhead doors and the ramp and redoing that entire area. That's going to take a good three to four months to do. We've identified that if we want the new score clock to go up in time for training and installation, we need to get the score clock into the building sooner because we'll lose that access point into the building. This is a huge investment. There's a lot of technology that we won't be 100% aware of. Getting the score clock in early allows us to install it early, get our contract in place for the running of the clock, the production, and work out any bugs that need to be worked out. This way we're not scrambling around in September hoping everything is going to work. Also in order to bring the clock in and the production gear that goes with it, the north end of the new media box is our production room for the clock so they'll be able to install all of this at the same time. This means the media box will be complete by around the same time the clock arrives, at least the north end of the media box."

on Tuesday, Radio Colour Analyst Fred Jack and I had a chance to get a tour of our new broadcast location starting next season. The photo above shows our view from that spot, which is right on the bluline. It's really a fantastic spot in terms of being able to have a clear view of the play as we hang over the penalty boxes, facing the two benches. The new media gondola is 120 feet long and will have two radio booths, spaces for T.V. to shoot the game, spots for print reporters, the WHL video goal judge, team video, etc. It should be, in my opinion once it's done, one of the best broadcast locations in the WHL! As for the score clock, I know many people are excited about this. It'll certainly enhance the way fans watch the game, especially when it comes to video replays and the like.


The Hurricanes are heading to Washington State Wednesday as they get set to play Spokane on Friday and Tri-City Saturday. These will be two tough tests for the Canes' as the Chiefs and Americans are two of the hottest teams in the WHL. Both games are 8:00 pm (MST) start times on CJOC.


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  1. That new clock is going to be VERY cool. I feel extremely lucky to be a season ticket holder with such great seats, and I can hardly wait to watch the occasional replay on that thing. Richie.