Monday, 10 January 2011

Canes' Quiet at WHL Trade Deadline

The Lethbridge Hurricanes were quiet as the WHL's trade deadline came and went at 3pm (MST) on Monday.

The Canes' did make one minor deal, swapping non-roster players with the Portland Winterhawks. Lethbridge gets 95-born defenceman Branden Scheidl from the 'Hawks in exchange for prospect Ryley Bennefield. Sheidl is a 5'9" D-man selected in the 4th round, 72nd overall in 2010 by Portland. He currently plays with Hurricanes draft pick Craig Leverton who are both members of the Saskatoon Contacts.

Head Coach and G.M. Rich Preston met the media Monday afternoon to talk about the deadline.

Question: Are you happy and did you have an expectations going into trade deadline day?

Preston: "You know, there are always things you want to do and a lot of times it doesn't work and a lot of times the best deal you make turns out to be the one you didn't make and that happens all the time. I like our team, we're in the playoff hunt. We just have to get better. There are little things we can improve on. I have no question that we will improve."

Question: Is today's level of activity or in-activity a sign that you're comfortable with what you have or were there no buyers for what you were selling?

Preston: "I wasn't selling anybody. Sure, we were getting a lot of inquiries about our top players like Fyten, Braes, and Reddington. We're trying to make the playoffs and are in the hunt. I couldn't say that last year. So I'm not in a position to trade any of my top players. We have some top picks this year. You try and improve your club here and there, but at the same time it has to be a deal that makes sense."

Question: Is it safe to say this team wasn't willing to deal roster players for picks? Like you said you're in the hunt and still fighting.

Preston: "No. There's always something there to try and improve your team. A lot of moves are lateral moves. Why do it when you know what you've got and you don't know what you're getting. You try to improve your club, but sometimes it doesn't work out. Like I said, I'm very comfortable with our team. Can we play better? Sure we can. From the goaltender out to the top line."

Question: Are you surprised with what some teams gave up to acquire players this year?

Preston: "I saw the Eakin trade Sunday and said Holy Smokes! Then I saw the Saskatoon deal today and boy, I don't know! I'd have trouble doing that and I don't think I'd ever do it, but I think the Eakin trade really set the bar. I guess if you think you're that close. I don't know how you can put that kind of price on one player. I can see why teams do it though if they're real close, but I think you have to look at a lot of factors."


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  1. No real surprise that Rich did not make any moves.I would suspect that he is planning on having Fyten and Braes back as overages next season with one of the them wearing the "C".
    There is one change I would like to see now that the roster is set. How about Rich Preston taking on the just the GM's job? His moves, trades,piling up early draft picks are all good moves. Coaching in this league ...well his continual overplaying of his top line, thus restricting the development of the younger players (his future), the obvious lack of on-ice discipline, and a very predictable thus ineffective power play....says, "old school" coaching. Is his thinking too old for the vastly changed junior hockey? So why not step back from the coaching duties, and let Matt Kabayama (hang on before anyone dumps on this idea) take over the team for the rest of the season. If Matt turns this team around, gets them winning enough to make the playoffs, then great! If he fails, then it will be time to look for a more experienced coach from the ranks of all the highly qualified assistants in the WHL or someone like Cory Clouston whose number seems to be up in Ottawa.

    What was surprising with the big deals made.....the huge prices teams paid to get the player they wanted.Ouch!


  2. Just wanted to quote this comment made by an Anonymous commenter made on Dec. 12/10...

    "Speaking of past acquisitions and "No matter what Preston does"... In a 4-1 loss to Swift Current yesterday, MARK RENERS was one of only three Giants to have a Plus rating (He had the first assist on Vancouver's only goal in this game).

    Trading him for a 5th rounder will likely be referred to as one of the WORST trades in Hurricanes team history (and one of the best for Giants). Learn to use the strengths of your players Preston, don't always try to push the square through the circle hole! You don't just get rid of an asset like Mark! If you absolutely couldn't stand Reners, I bet you could have called any 10 teams and got a better trade than a 5th round choice!"

    And this from yesterday on

    "The Vancouver Giants trade F Mark Reners (18) to the Edmonton Oil Kings for a 5th round pick in the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft."

    A few of you armchair GM's should apply in Vancouver because obviously Scott Bonner is out of his mind as well. ;)

  3. Has this team got better since the start of the season? That is a reflection on the job Preston has done.

  4. Agree with the comments about the coach by RJS.....add to those that he seems not able to motivate, to have a high tempo and high energy emotion, drive, and urgency in the way the boys plays... Period after period, game after game there is no change in the strategy or play by the team..

    Is there a coaching candidate out there NOW?.....still time to make a turn around by the team.