Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Rockets Beat Canes' 3-2 in a Shootout

LETHBRIDGE - The Kelowna Rockets scored twice in the shootout as they beat the Lethbridge Hurricanes 3-2 Wednesday at the ENMAX Centre.

The Hurricanes would open the scoring in this game. The power play, which has been very decent for Lethbridge the passed three weeks got things going against Kelowna. Landon Oslanski fired a point shot passed the Rockets' Jordan Cooke to give the Canes' an early 1-0 lead. Before the half-way point of the period, Kelowna would tie the game 1-1. Kevin Smith tipped home a nice pass at the side of the Hurricanes goal to even the score. The Canes' had a great chance late in the period to go ahead again when they went on a 5-on-3 power play for an entire two minutes, but Rockets' goalie Jordan Cooke made some key saves to keep the game tied at 1-1 after 20 minutes. Kelowna out shot the Hurricanes 13-11 in the opening period.

In the second, the Rockets would take the lead for the first time. Brett Bulmer put home a rebound of Canes' goalie Dylan Tait to give the visitors a 2-1 lead. A few minutes later the Hurricanes would get that one back. Max Ross scored his 10th goal of the season off a nice drop by from Mitch Maxwell to even the game 2-2. That's the way the period would end. The Rockets out shot the Canes' 15-7 in the second period and held the edge 28-18 through 40 minutes of play.

In the third, both teams would press to break the 2-2 tie, but there would be no offence in the final 20 minutes. For the 12th time season, the Hurricanes would have a game go into extra time to decide a winner. The Canes' out shot Kelowna 11-10 in the 3rd period. The overtime solved nothing, although both teams had some great chances to end it. So for the second game in a row, the Hurricanes would head to a shootout to settle things. The final shots after the overtime favoured Kelowna 42-33 overall. In the shootout, the Rockets scored twice and the Canes' once and Kelowna would skate away with a 3-2 victory. The loss drops the Hurricanes record to 12-13-2-5 on the season for 31 points in 32 games. The power plays in this game: Lethbridge 1 for 5 and Kelowna 0 for 4.

It was a really good hockey game. It had a bit of everything: some good hits, excellent goaltending, and nice goals. The fans got their money's worth in this one! The Canes' earn a single point, in the loss. Associate Coach Matt Kabayama said on the CJOC post-game show that "there were some good efforts in this game by our guys and some of our players really gutted things out." Rookie forward Alex Kuvaev was a healthy scratch for Lethbridge Wednesday night. Captain Mike Reddington sat the game out with the flu and Daniel Johnston remains sidelined with a shoulder injury. He'll likely return after the Christmas break. Reid Jackson left the hockey game twice after taking a couple of hard checks in this game.


The Lethbridge Hurricanes will close out the unofficial first half of the season this weekend with back-to-back games against the Medicine Hat Tigers. The two teams will play in Lethbridge Friday and in the Hat Saturday. Lethbridge has a 2-2 record versus the Tigers this year. The last meeting resulted in a 6-5 shootout loss for the Canes' this passed Sunday at the ENMAX Centre. Game time Friday evening is 7:00 (MST). The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30.


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  1. Guys played well especially Tait and the 4 d-men (as a result to the injury to Jackson). Team certainly was more disciplined which helps.

    However, the one glaring problem that still haunts this club is the lack of a power play. Nothing but a couple of shots in to the chest of the Rocket's goaltender while the Canes held a full two minute, two man advantage. Just an observation but the powerplay seems to be stuck in mud.....players are not moving, thus creating little and predictable puck movement. Quick puck/player movement should result in more odd man situations. Kelowna stuck in that triangle....Canes did nothing to break it down. Adjustments are needed!
    I hate shoot outs! It is not a team competition! Give each team a point for the tie. Scrap the soccer solution to declare a winner.


  2. Tait was Grrr--ait, officials did a really nice job until 1 second left in regulation; great response by the Cane penalty kill.

    "Mud" exactly, well put RJS, ultimately just 2 minutes of keep-away. I realize we don't get many 5on3s, but come on coaches, you must get more creative. Did we get 2 shots during the 2 minutes?

    A goal and +1 rating for Reners in last night's 3-0 Vancouver win over Everett, Merry Christmas, Giants, From Rich Preston!

    Shoot outs are definitely tense and exciting; It is a skills showcase and I only dislike them when we lose.

  3. Go Reners go...guess you can score if you get ice time

  4. Re the Canes: Yup, much better and so close but not quite there. Keep it up and more wins will come.

    Re Mark Reners: Yup, play and you shall score. Keep it up and more goals will come.


  5. Tot has one goal in his last 24 games! I really wish the coaching staff had the ability to develop a player or two. Tot has the potential. Why isn't he succeeding?

  6. I just watched the Oilers wax the Blue Jackets then salute their fans at centre ice. Nice touch. You could tell from the fans in the background that this goes a long way in Edmonton (& Chicago, and... ) to generate fan interest, develop crowd respect for the players and coaches, and to maintain fan loyalty, especially during lean performance seasons...

    Too bad the Canes team and management couldn't be bothered, or simply can't see the benefit that this would have here. I GUARANTEE that once this practice was seen by fans a few times (and written about in the Herald), attendance would increase, and fans would stay to support the team UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME to take part in this. - The children in attendance love it too!

    When the Canes beat Medicine Hat this Friday, Dec 17th, it would be the perfect opportunity for the Canes to start this tradition.

    It would be even more special for both players and fans by the time the Mem-cup comes here. WHY NOT?? - Richie.

  7. I haven't read anything in the blog about Kuvaev, or seen KUVAEV play lately ... Does anyone know if he is the just the latest player to hit Preston's Least Appreciated List, or what? (4th leading scorer on the team and +3 just isn't good enough for a regular shift anymore ???? WTF!!??)

  8. I won't attempt to speak for the gm/coach but from a season ticket holder's and fan's perspective Kuvaev seems to be struggling with the speed of the WHL. He is consistently the slowest player on the ice and is usually the last man back when the rush goes the other way. He certainly loves to score and never hesitates to go to the net. But his overall speed, hanging around the blue line waiting for a pass and lack of back checking (due to his slowness) does hurt his game. Alex started off well but appears that the pace of the WHL has caught up with him.