Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rebels Blank Hurricanes 5-0 in Red Deer

RED DEER - Two first period goals, just 90 seconds apart lifted the Red Deer Rebels to a 5-0 win over the Hurricanes Thursday night.

The Rebels opened the scoring in this game with two goals near the half-way point of the first period. Colton Mayor chopped a shot over the shoulder of Dylan Tait to give Red Deer a 1-0 lead. A minute and a half later, Turner Elson put a rebound through the legs of Tait to give the home team a 2-0 lead. That is the way the period would end. Red Deer out shot the Hurricanes 9-8.

In the second, the Rebels would make it 3-0. Just as a Lethbridge penalty had expired, Adam Kambeitz fired a shot off the crossbar, by Tait and in. The Hurricanes would get a great chance late in period to get on the scoresheet with a two-man advantage for 49 seconds, but they were unable to get the puck passed Darcy Kuemper. The Rebels would take that 3-0 lead into the dressing room after 40 minutes. Red Deer held the edge in shots 20-16 after two periods.

In the third, Red Deer would add to their lead. Daulton Siwak scored a power play goal on a delayed penalty to give the Rebels a 4-0 lead. Late in the period, the Rebels would jump into a 5-0 lead when the Hurricanes got into penalty trouble. Alex Petrovic wired a slapshot on a 5-on-3 power play and that would seal the deal in this one. The Rebels would get another two-man advantage right after that, but were unable to convert. Things got pretty chippy near the end with a number of penalties being called. Even Hurricanes goalie Dylan Tait went across centre ice to see if Darcy Kuemper would scrap, but the Rebels goalie would have none of that. Tait received a penalty for leaving his crease. The loss drops the Hurricanes record to 12-17-2-6 after 37 games, but despite their recent struggles in the win department, Lethbridge still holds down the 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Red Deer finished the game 2 for 8 on the power play while the Canes went 0 for 5. The final shots favoured the Rebels 30-23.

Red Deer goalie Darcy Kuemper recorded his 12 career shutout as a Red Deer Rebel. That is a new franchise record. He was previously tied with Cam Ward with 11 shutouts all-time for a Rebels goalie. Kuemper now holds that distinction by himself.


The Lethbridge Hurricanes Board of Directors will be holding their Shareholder Annual Mid-Season Information Meeting on Thursday January 6th, 2011 at 7:00pm in the Scenic Room of the Ramada Inn & Suites (2375 Mayor Magrath Drive South) The purpose of this meeting is to give all Lethbridge Hurricanes Shareholders an overview of the Hockey Club at the mid-point of the season as well as to allow for a question and answer session.


The Lethbridge Hurricanes say good bye to 2010 and hello to 2011. The Hurricanes will play host to the Swift Current Broncos for a January 1st evening game. This will be the final regulation season meeting between the two teams. The Broncos have won all three previous meetings this season. Game time from the ENMAX Centre is 7:00 pm (MST). The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30. The Hurricanes will head to the U.S. next week as they will play in Spokane and Tri-City next weekend.



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  1. This is embarrasing. We are the worst coached team in the league. Kbayama is not the answer either. Our goaltending is the worst in the league. The goaltending coach Chisamore is doing an awful job. Rich needs to join his old boss Daryll Sutter as the game has long past both of them. Players want out. Our neighbor and good friend billets 2 players. The players have told them that a number of key veterans have asked to be move. This is a sinking schip. Then Brian Mcnauhton goes on your show Pat a couple weeks ago and pumps Richs' tires for 20 minutes. Does he know anything about the game? Does he listen to your interviews with him? He is a joke. Pat, on a happier note thanks for all of your hard work. You havegotten better over the years and the coverage CJOC provides has steadily improved. Thanks.Happy new year.

  2. not a good game..listened to the game. they lack scoring bad..

  3. The worst part is that Preston is the one who is going to make all these high draft picks given that his rediculous contract has handcuffed the team.

  4. The Hurricanes need to shake things up a bit. I think a trade is needed but I would be hesitant to move our 19 year olds. Personally I think they should give the C to Fyten and shop Reddington and M. Maxwell around. We can complain about the coaching endlessly but at some point the players also need to be held accountable. They need a captain like Bancks who will rally the troops, get the guys together off the ice and make this team a team!


  5. some of you people are imbarrasing take a look in the mirror and ask your self how much you are helping the team with all the stupid comments in the stands and comments in places like here. you dont think those comments cant be heard from the bench? ask for guys wanting trades its not cause of the team it cause of the city and fans. lay of the coach and throw some stones at the true problem the fans and lack of support

  6. You are imbarrassing. I hope you have a happy new year Mrs. Preston. Please defend taking timeouts in the 1st period with 5 seconds left when there was a fresh line on the ice. I think Rich made a bet where he said he would take a timeout in the 1st period for 10 games in a row. Otherwise he is just insane.

  7. if you don't like to read the negative comments don't read the blog, this is what its for to speak our views about how each of us feel , you don't have to agree, but we all have a point and when I buy my tickets and pay my money I can say what I please, and my view is and always will be is that the dub has moved on and Preston is not in touch..


  8. Ouch. Congrats to Red Deer on the shut out. NOT easy to do, even against a struggling team.

    I would like the Canes coaches to meet with each player individually if they don't regularly do this already. If there are players that want to be moved, they should be shopped around for the BEST offer, but WITHOUT any ultimatum to WHICH particular team the player prefers to be dealt to. There IS significant value on this team, I have no doubt of this. I think EVERY contending team (Portland, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Tri City...) knows that EVERY PLAYER on our roster would positively contribute to their teams...

    I was very excited about this roster at the beginning of the year, but it is becoming apparent to me that unless something really special happens, for whatever reasons, this team on paper has not come close to its potential.

    Thanks for the EXCELLENT effort against Edmonton Canes, and Happy New Year to all players, coaches, Pat, & fans. - Richie.

  9. I agree with Richie, I think the organization needs to sit down and discuss with all the players whether they wnat to be here or not and if they do and they dont produce then sit them out and bring up some of the prospects throughout the remainder of the season instead of waiting till the end.. they lost to the Rebels and the Rebels had 4 regulars out including their top 2 players there was no reason they should have been blown out it wasnt like they were at the end of a road trip or had played a lot.. things have to change they need a higher goal than hopeing to grab 8th and syaing oh its a great year our 19 yr olds are producing what happens next year you think they will be better as 20 yr olds..


  10. the players want out because of the fans? must be kidding me, we pay 500 buck a year to watch this B.S year in and out and still were there.and there isnt a whole lot to cheer about when you lose 20 straight...listened to the game on the radio last night and late in the third the word "joke" is in understatement when it come to this team and its lack of control..i can completely see some of our older player are wanting out,preston trades players away for pick and then trys to be competitive with half a team...doesnt do much for kids like redder,maxwell or even fyten or braes to know that 2 year down the road this MIGHT be a good team but your on your own for now....i said this 100 time already if your going to rebuild, THEN REBUILD...unload for younger players and start is sits we have 1 92 born forward for next year, the rest belong in jr b...way to even out the age group sleepy.........

  11. so some clown on here says the players want a trade and that make it true? there is an old saying "people who know hockey are in hockey" and you guys have been playing to much NHL11. Good luck with your fantasy teams. The Canes will go on a winning streak and you wantabes will have nothing to talk about. Happy New Year

  12. isting to your opinion is ok but speaking mine about fans is not ok? if you dont like the team dont go. No one wants fans like the 6 or 7 of you that beek on here

  13. The time has come for serious action with this club! I too pay for a season ticket each year, and it is frustrating to see what has transpired each year, with the only exception (since the WHL Championship back in the 90"s) being the run to the WHL final 4 seasons ago). I think we are all tired of the negativity that surrounds this club. (Not that other clubs don't get it. Regina/Prince Albert/Prince George, all come to mind). I think it is high time that this club be put on the selling block. That the WHL find an owner with very deep pockets who will invest the time, the money in bringing in top-notch hockey people (like a Don Hay or Ryan Huska) that will cultivate a consistent winning program. What potential owner would not want to purchase this team and basically have a brand new building to play in? Then it would be up to the fans of this city to show up!

    The frustrating thing is....there is talent on this club. For some reason or reasons they are not playing to their full potential.

    I would love to see Braes, Fyten and Sutter back here next year at 20's. It would give the Hurricanes a top notch line.

    Moving the "C"... to Fyten or Braes at this time would have to coincide with Reddington being moved.

    Time for the "FOR SALE" sign to go up!



  14. Anyone see a Kuvaev around lately?? I am surprized he even came back from his Christmas in Russia... Preston obviously does NOT speak Ruski. What a waste of Kuvaev's time being here. The seats in the Enmax centre are not that special. Play him or trade him.

  15. Many fans are wondering why Kuvaev doesn't get to play.....if he is that bad a player what are the coaches doing to improve and develop his skills......and his play earlier shows he definitely has some...
    Consistently we see where he makes one poor play or gets one penalty and he gets punished by not playing for the rest of the game.
    Is there a personality conflict here? coach not like him? A shame that a young player with potential is being singled out and not getting to play. Sure can't improve sitting in the stands....

    Let's be player on this team in the last couple of months has played to his potential....some have digressed, some though dressed play so little of the game, some have to play so much they are exhausted and are ineffective.....

    The last game at home, several times the players looked like they weren't even trying to win.

    Time to bring in a coach!

  16. To me it is not about paying good money for Season's Tickets.
    I am a Lethbridge Hurricane fan.....period.

    The way the team is playing, slipping down the standings, and just not enjoying the game, the concern is for the players, the team, the fans, the organization, and the franchise.

    It is not about complaining....people commenting just want the Canes to play much much better.

    Trading players is not the answer. If the team continues to play with no systems, no drive and desire (motivation), bringing in new players won't help.

    Time for some big time changes!
    I think Preston knows his hockey; just not the person to be coaching these junior players.

  17. I have to agree that it certainly appears that Rich Preston's best roll with this club is as a general manager. His trades and collection of high draft picks are very smart moves. But his coaching methods are lacking. The handling of players, motivation and some of his tactics (most notably the power play) all indicate that his extended absence from junior hockey has left him out of touch with the game. Junior hockey has changed drastically from when he coached in Regina. There is a lot of potential talent on this club and I would think that most of the fans who do attend Canes' games can see glimpses of it. However, the potential is not being brought out of each of the players. Time for Rich to move upstairs and let a younger "more in touch with the junior game and the youth that plays this game", coach the club.


  18. Sounds good, it is decided, then (As if it makes ANY difference whatsoever what kind of nonsense we utter here). I like the idea of Preston moving upstairs. In his role as GM, in the best interest of the club for which he is responsible, the FIRST item on his to-do list should be HIM re-writing his own contract to include GM duties and GM PAY only...

    So, Who is available to coach this club? Any chance Willie-D in Dallas is sick of life in the big city yet??

    I am having a very difficult time getting excited about tonight's game. I hope the boys are motivated tonight to start the year off right; I suspect their opponent will be. - Richie.