Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hurricanes Trade Mark Reners to Vancouver

Lethbridge Hurricanes General Manager/Head Coach Rich Preston announced this afternoon the Canes have traded forward Mark Reners to the Vancouver Giants in exchange for a 5th round WHL Bantam Draft pick in 2012. Reners was one of six Hurricanes who hail from the Southern Alberta area, the others include Cason Machacek – Lethbridge; Mitch Maxwell – Magrath; Russell Maxwell – Magrath; Max Ross – Lethbridge and Dylan Tait – Lethbridge. Reners made an impact this season and is in the midst of a breakout year in which he has totaled 11 points (6G,5A) in 19 games after scoring 10 points (6G,4A) in 60 games last season.

In 07-08 Reners became one of two Hurricanes selections in the first round of the 2007 WHL Bantam Draft when he was selected 18th overall – the other was former Hurricanes defenseman now Everett Silvertip Alex Theriau. The year prior the native of Pincher Creek, AB had set what at the time was a new Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League record in the 06-07 season with an amazing 61 goals. In two seasons with the Lethbridge Val Matteotti Golden Hawks he totaled nearly a hundred goals his AMBHL career and finished the 2007 campaign with 99 points (61G, 38A). In 08-09 he tallied 42 points in an injury shortened season of 28 games (28G, 14A) with the Lethbridge Y’s Men Titans of the Alberta Midget Hockey League and notched a pair of goals including his first ever WHL goal in only his fourth WHL game with the Hurricanes on January 23rd, 2009.

“We would like to thank Mark for his contributions to our hockey team and the Lethbridge Hurricanes organization” said Preston “We certainly want to wish him the best of luck with his new team and his future endeavors in hockey”

(From Ryan Ohashi, Hurricanes Director of Media Relations)


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  1. How does this help the canes ???

  2. Thankfully Reners is no longer a Hurricanes' prisoner and he has now been given an opportunity to excel with an organization that should value and respect him. Preston would sooner hitch his wagon to a Brody Sutter. I will never get it as long as I live.
    Best of luck M.R.

  3. to me it looks like a move for a future biggger deal?

  4. It doesn't help the Canes right now. They got rid of a player who exceeded his point total from last season in less than a third of the games. When he was given the opportunity to actually play he made a difference. I congratulate Vancouver on seeing a good thing when it is in front of them.

  5. All Preston does is add picks , What baout helping now or even for next yr adding bantam picks they are 2 yrs away from playing as a 16 yr old. Preston you need to do something for the immeadiate or there will be no fans around in 2011..and saying your hoping for the memorial cup..good luck you might not even be around by then..

    getting fed up..


  6. So we traded 22 goals and 18 assists(on Pace)
    For a 5th Round Pick?????
    There's a reason Vancouver is Great year after year and we are NOT!
    Let's not forget, he got those points on the fourth line with limited ice time. Put him on the first line and who knows what could have happened. Oh well another day, another deal!

    Good luck in Vancouver, at least you'll get the ice time you deserve.

  8. You wonder what goes on in Prestons mind...Collecting draft picks is great if you have some proven veterans to teach and pass the torch. I have a neighbor who billets for the Canes, and she says a lot of the kids want out, they feel there developmental stage is going nowhere with Rich, and the other coaches and that some prospects do not want to play here.. Come on Rich do something show us that you do have some hockey sense, Darryl Sutter is not going to call you and take you back to the bigs.. show us that the game has not passed you by..I know the regulars are going to jump all over me defending rich, but come on..teams are moving and shoring up for now and next year ..not for 2013

  9. I agree and it is my biggest fear. The organization can collect all the young talent in the world but if the staff doesn't have the ability to develop them whether through incompetence or stubbornness on the staff's part then it will continue to be a failing effort.
    This Reners trade is so similar to when we picked up Fadden from Seattle. He is just about to start paying dividends when the team gave up on him.

  10. Tough move but that still leaves 14 forwards and that means now that when the team is healthy 2 fowards are sitting every night with Reners that would have been 3. Most teams have two or three 16 year olds that rotate in and out...we don't and our 16 year old doesn't deserve to sit...who does?? It has been Tarnasky and he is starting to play who sits? TD

  11. I give up. "waiting for something bigger to happen" is like charlie brown trying to kick the football. This is getting stupid trading away a guy who was a high draft pick for nothing. He showed talent. I feel good for him. I love the canes bit this is just getting stupid. We are not going to get the cup.

    1. Team performance. The league wants to see a good team.
    2. Attendance. This is a big reason we are not going to get it.
    3. Organizational reputation. Nuf said about this one.

    If we are rebuilding please add assets that have a pulse.

    I honestly can't take this frustration anymore. Not one move has made sense since we traded with the Pats last year. And rich has another decade collecting 2 pay cheques still. The backstreet dice better be 40% every game cause this team is going to turn me into an raving drunk.

    I hate to be negative so please can somebody point out what is positive about this move from a canes perspective. Mark and Vancouver just got a great deal for the both of them. Go out there and show Rich what he knows about hockey. Good luck and best wishes kid.

  12. This move leaves me shaking my head. Reners has shown at times that he does have the skills. But just a 5th round pick for a former 1st round pick? It doesn't add up.
    I am not going to attempt to defend Preston's move, but I find it strange that both Reners and Alex Theriau were picked in the first round of the 2007 draft by the former GM. Which begs the in depth was the background check done on both players? Work ethic, skill, character, potential parent involvement, "team" player; were they all checked out? It is easy to argue/complain using rumors and gossip because they are just that, rumors and gossip. Is there more to this deal than meets the eye? Preston certainly would not bad mouth a player in the media or in public, not to say there was or was not a problem. But to get just a 5th round pick, for just does not add up.
    Unless.......unless he is making room for another bigger deal.
    Right now the only good thing about this deal is the fact that it was to a Western Conference team.


  13. The canes gave up on reners today. Sadly that's not true. They gave up on him a year and a half ago.

  14. Stupid trade. Reners is worth a 3rd for sure, and it should be in 2011 and not 2012. Go ask Yadlowski how this organization is run. He is a close family friend of relatives of ours in Edmonton and said he was on the verge of quitting if he wasn't dealt. He says others feel the same way. All three coaches really struggle. They arn't WHL calibre elite coaches. On a positive note, thanks Fred for your detailed update on the prospects. Too bad though they won't get the coaching they need with these bafoons in charge.


  15. Way to trade 1st round talent for a 5th that is 5 years away. The education assistant needs to help rich with his math. Logic specifically. Embarrassing. The other gms must be offering him Fyten for a 5th. The only think of that makes any sense is that mark wanted out. If not I demand rich submit a urine sample for a drug test.

  16. Let's just be happy Sobeys is not sponsoring paper bag night.

  17. I know a number of Canes quite well and they all like Rich as a coach and have no desire to leave and neither did Mark Reners.
    The team is way better than last year and they are in contention for a playoff spot. One thing the boys have mentioned is our rink has the quietest home fans in the league stop the hating and start supporting the boys.

  18. We are in the running for a playoff spot and keep dumping assets for picks in the distant future. If you know the canes what made mark worth a 5 rounder and not more. Something had to be wrong to get such little value. Either rich got taken to the cleaners or something was up with mark.

    Ps. The people on this blog are the ones in the stands. We hatred are not the problem with attendance.

  19. I hate this trade, however, we fans are never privy to the details behind the decision.

    IF Mark wanted out of town, I can't believe that Preston couldn't have done better than a 5th rounder. IF Mark didn't want out of town, then trading him for a 5th rounder is even worse management. What did he do, make ONE phone call?

    Mark hardly got any ice-time last year and he may have been playing hurt this year.

    He is definitely talented and he showed us that whenever he was given ice time.

    After Vancouver shows us how good Mark is, I am sure we will end this year wondering the same as usual, "WHY THE $&#^ did we trade him away... FOR A 5th ROUNDER!!"


    Good luck to Mark. I enjoyed watching him play. - Richie.

  20. Ok I slept on it and after reading the opinions, I have to agree, the people that keep saying we are negative need only to look at what has happened, to say we are in the playoffs..whoopee.. this team has no depth if it makes the playoffs wont last past the first round and then Rich will say .. I told you we would make the playoffs.. If calgary had not sold the farm to make a run last yr we wouldnt be so smug.. It wont take them long to be competative Our players are not advancing skill wise...Rich plays old time hockey he reminds me of Mike Keenan. send out the same line run 2 lines always shortens the bench, the younger players dont learn sitting and watching ..and this trading and stock piling picks..this is not the NHL there is a time line on these kids development ..losing assets for something in the future and a 5th round pick come on we all know chances of a 5th round pick playing are few and far between .. sure I will see postings of late picks but come on 8 - 10 picks a yr how many actually will play and make the team maybe the top 3 in each yr stand a bit of a chance the rest is a dice throw ..

    and yes I will still go and still cheer for the kids but the coaches
    need to change and get caught up to the new WHL.. I know this wont happen because the team is broke and now we got Rich tied up for 3 more years.. oh well I can drive to Red deer or Med.hat and visit family and watch some good hockey..

    There I have vented.. and my blood pressure is calm now..

  21. I don't think the coaching is that bad. Rich has tons of good experience and it seems the boys like playing for him. My struggle is some of the old school thinking of playing veterans even if they are not the best players...example our league worst power play...Our Captain has been on the first power play unit all year every power play and has only 8 points????...he probably has the weakest shot on the team and is not the best puck carrier..a good defensive D man who is a very good penalty killer but should not be on the PP...Moose Jaw game had Ross (what was that)? and Reddington on first PP d unit..uh? They scored on a 5 on 3 PP but the two other PP goals (5 on 4) were Johnston and Oslanski the second unit....come on wake up your talent and the boys who are producing. You cannot protect your veterans at the expense of the team.

  22. Rich really is delusional if he thinks "stockpiling picks" is getting a 5th round in 2012. This is not a quality pick and has little to no value. This is giving away talent. We need to find a PI who will find out what pictures the Vancouver GM has of Rich. I encourage fans to let Mr. Preston know how we feel about him selling this team for peanuts at the game tonight. No more free passes and we have to “give it time” BS Rich. You have shown how competent you are as a coach and GM. At least with him as coach/GM we don’t have to worry about the GM coming into the locker room in between periods causing all hell. I am trying to think of one positive thing here and all I can come up with is the burgers are slightly better than last year. This team looks like it is managed out of a trailer. Here’s to the continued de-building process Rich is on. The rest of the league thanks you for your charitable contributions during the Christmas season.


  23. Really? one trade and its o no. Yes mark is a good player i wish he would of got the chance too, but its a process give the team a year look at it this way the more draft picks the better the chance to devolope a high end player. I believe the team last year was their year to suck and build up this year is their year to make the playoffs next year is the year they really need to see them turn the corner. Who would of been mad before the year started if we were 500 right now? we all wish they could win everygame and be prepared everygame, but its not gonna happen. Every team has struggles some nights.

  24. This is a good trade for the Canes - more playing time for this years rookies who actually know how to skate/hustle/hit/play! The only time Reners played like a 1st round pick was on the PP with Boychuk 2 years ago!

    Sure he had one of the best shots on the team, but I don't think Reners had one hit or one takeaway in the 2 years he was on the Canes. And many of you say his ice time was too low....
    Preston would rather give ice time to guys who can play all 200 feet in the rink... Preston for once played him late in the game against Red Deer when Leth pretty well had the win... and what happened, even with no Rebel nearby, Reners couldn't clear the puck out of the zone and Red Deer tied it up within 5 seconds!

    Great shot though, he'd be amazing on any WHL teams top PP unit or shootout list... but 5 on 5, I doubt Don Hay will like a guy with slow footspeed and no hustle!

  25. well basically canes just gave mark away for free, the world is going to end in 2012 anyways....

  26. Would like to see the Rich follow through with the process. Get as much as we can for one of our 91's. Not sure all would be so upset if Mark wasn't drafted in the first round as he clearly did not have the confidence or drive our team is looking for. You don't build a team be dwelling on past mistakes and where someone was drafted. I will be very happy having the Canes finish on top in the 11-12 season and years to come.