Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tigers Blank Hurricanes 7-0

MEDICINE HAT - Three goals in the second and three more in the third lifted the Medicine Hat Tigers to a convincing 7-0 victory over the Hurricanes last night.

The Tigers opened the scoring, although it took a while before we would get the first goal in this one. Medicine Hat's Ryan Harrison put the puck passed Canes' goalie Brandon Anderson on a power play late in the period to give the home side a 1-0 lead. That would be the only goal in the first period. The Canes' started off fairly strong. They were able to keep Medicine Hat off the shot clock for the first seven minutes, but the Tigers did manage to find their legs from that point on. The Tigers out shot Lethbridge 8-6 in the opening 20 minutes.

In the second, Medicine Hat would really start to turn up the heat. Hunter Shinkaruk cashed in a rebound off Anderson less than five minutes into the period. That gave the Tigers a little bit of breathing room and a 2-0 lead. The Tigers would add another off a lucky bounce. A puck thrown toward the Lethbridge net went off the skate of Wacey Hamilton and in to give Medicine Hat a comfortable 3-0 lead. They went to video replay, but no question that was a good goal. The Tigers would then go up 4-0 on a goal by Emerson Etem. This one went video review as well. The puck went off Anderson and was carried into the goal by Daniel Johnston who tried to prevent it from going in. The video review confirmed that and the Tigers would take that 4-0 lead in the dressing room after 40 minutes. Anderson allowed 4 goals on 14 shots and was pulled after the goal by Etem. Dylan Tait took over in goal after that and played from that point on. Lethbridge out shot Medicine Hat 7-6 in the second, but the Tigers held the overall edge 14-13 after two periods of play.

In the third, the Tigers would keep the offence coming and add three more goals. Kale Kessey made it 5-0 and a few minuets after that Tyler Pitlick scored to put the Tigers ahead 6-0. Late in the period, Emerson Etem notched his second of the game to put Medicine Hat up 7-0 and that's the game would end. It wasn't a pretty game for the Hurricanes. Their record drops to 6-6-0-3 on the season with the loss. The shots on goal in this game favoured the Tigers 28-17 through 60 minutes. Power Plays: Medicine Hat 1/5 and Lethbridge 0/2.

Overall, the Hurricanes simply could not get the offence going in this game. They had a few chances to score, but the difference was the Tigers took advantage of their chances and got a few good bounces too. In fact, some of the Hurricanes top players like Cam Braes, Mitch Maxwell, and Jacob Berglund didn't see a shift in the first 10 minutes of the third period and barely hit the ice after that. Perhaps it was a message being sent to the veterans by the coaches. Assistant Coach Chris Chisamore didn't pull any punches about the loss on the CJOC post-game show saying, "That's as ugly as it gets. We're really disappointed with that effort". One of the positives the Hurricanes can take out of the game was the play of some of the younger players. I thought Michael Soffilas was maybe the Hurricanes best player last night and Neil Tarnasky played a strong and physical game, perhaps his best game of the season. Those two guys, along with Brady Ramsey, Russ Maxwell, and Ryon Moser got an awful lot of ice time in the third period.


A couple of Lethbridge Hurricanes players are taking part in Movember. The concept is simple. Start clean shaven and then grow a mustache for the entire month, raising awareness and money to help support the battle against Prostate Cancer. Hurricanes Captain Mike Reddington and Forward Max Ross are leading the charge. Reddington joked with CJOC's Esther Madziya this week that Ross and himself were taking the main initiative on this. "Brady Ramsey is trying to grow a beard, but he's only got a little peach fuzz!" Max Ross is having fun with the whole Movember thing too. He says, It'll take me some time to catch up to Reddington. He's been able to grow a beard since he was 14!" I also noticed Graham Hood and Cam Braes are growing some decent stashes too!

Next Up

The Hurricanes will travel to Cranbrook Friday night to take on the Kootenay ICE. Kootenay has been very strong in the first quarter of the season. They have 11 wins in their first 16 games. They're also 8-2 in their past 10 games overall. In the first game these teams played back on October 9th in Lethbridge, the ICE skated away with a 6-3 win. Game time the RecPlex in Cranbrook is 7 :00 pm (MDT). The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30.


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  1. no scoring divisonal opponet...enough said


  2. You don't lose 7-0 against a mediocre divisional opponent that has a less-than-mediocre goaltender (who tends to give up a weak goal every game) unless there is trouble in the dressing room (or weak minded officiating in a arena full of drunken idiots).

    I don't know what is up with Braes and Mitch Maxwell, but these are two VERY talented hockey players that could and should be WHL scoring leaders who look more like cheerleaders. It will be tough to convince pro teams to take you seriously if you can't get in done consistently in the WHL!! May be good enough to make $40K/year in the ECHL for 10 years.

    Its obviously not all on these two players, but if the team doesn't increase their care level and start playing like they want to continue their careers in hockey, they will be on a 4-game losing streak come Sunday night. Isn't it more fun to win? How about to try?

  3. Canes are going to win the Dub this year. Preston and gang are the man!

  4. Well put Anon #2. Our top scorers have to produce. Trading up or down and blaming coach doesnt cut it. If your best players are not your best players on the ice - no trades will do any good.

  5. This team has been winning by goaltending and defence all year, that could only hold out for so long. You won't make the payoffs with the worst PP in the league...we missed the trade for scoring opportunity in the first part of the season and the next opportunity won't be until closer to the trade deadline....that was managements responsibility and they blew it.

  6. to be honest i like Preston patience right now were a 500 team right now not bad considering were without Fyten and Sutter wait until we get them back then decide.

  7. Yeah Sutter will make it all good and bring the scoring he has in the past. Umm on second thought holy crap are we in trouble if we think Sutter and Fyten (very good but can't carry the team) are going to make this team competitive. The smoke and mirros are starting to go away. Great job getting 100% out of these guys night in night out Rich. You are a man of your word. Playoffs here we come. If Rich says it take it to the bank!

  8. I agree with SkU....anyone got any window cleaner and fan to wipe the mirrors and blw the smoke away..its blowing up the wrong place

  9. i know whats up with braes and maxwell, it a person called carter bancks.he was a BIG reason why they both did so good last year..the canes need another playmaker like carter.

  10. Funny how things are. The Canes lose to the Giants and there are 21 comments on here, most bashing Preston because our power play sucks, we don't score any goals and the team doesn't give us a full sixty minutes.

    The next game see the Canes beat Brandon, score on the power play, give full effort the entire game, manage to light the lamp six times and even score a shorthanded goal. The number of comments??? One.

    Now the Canes take an ass-kicking and the comments bashing Preston pile up again on here.

    Seriously, can some of you people not offer something positive once in awhile or are you only happy when you're complaining?

    It is almost laughable how predictable the responses are here. Win and no one can say a thing. Lose and all hell breaks loose.



  11. Well said NICE!

    Comments on here and in this negative city are very predictable.

    Just my thought, but once Fyten comes back Braes will start to click again. M. Maxwell put up very impressive numbers last year with.....Carter Bancks. Preston will have to tinker a bit more until he finds a playmaker that clicks with Maxwell.

    I did like the fact that Preston sent a message to his 3 vets up front by sitting them in the third period, thus giving the youngsters lots of ice time.

    One thing you will not see is Preston throwing around 1st round draft picks like Regina did last year for Ashton. They are a commodity that will build future strength, something he is not ready to compromise.

    Disappointing yes, hard to watch yes. End of the world....NO!

    As for Medicine Hat being a weak team....they were picked for the top four, now have a record of 9-5 after a slow start. They are not a weak club.

    Tough weekend ahead. They need at least 2 of those 3.


  12. im not saying Sutter and Fyten are saviours. Im saying we may not need a top 6 forward once they return. i dont see the rush in trading no1 else is making a splash in trading so why should we and its not as easy as some of you may think to make a trade.

  13. Anon #2 I'm guessing that the Tigers are not your favorite team and who can blame you with the Tigers handing the Canes their lunch for the past number of years. Really though, at least know what you're talking about before spewing your garbage.

  14. Hey 6:21pm, You better put away your guns, grab another beer, grab your sister (wife), and get back to your seats because the Tigers next home game starts soon. Keep working the officials; they like that, and you look good doing it.

  15. love it when the canes lose this blog goes to town lol

  16. we will see tonight after kootney, if the canes lose,, then see how patient you are (RJS @ cc ) if they lose divisonal games eventually calgary and perhaps edmonton will turn it around then what..

  17. 11:45 Anonymous:

    I never said anything about having patience. What I said was that when the team loses, everyone gets on here to complain about it. When the teams does everything you were complaining about and win, no one can say a damn thing to compliment them on a job well done.

    It just makes you realize that a good portion of the fans in this city are only happy when they have something to bitch about.

    Good luck tonight, fellas.