Monday, 29 November 2010

Hurricanes This Week

The Lethbridge Hurricanes finished off their November schedule over the weekend with back-to-back regulation losses to the Swift Current Broncos.

The Canes' lost 4-2 with an empty-netter in Swift Current Friday and then fell 4-3 back in Lethbridge on Saturday. The Hurricanes have just one victory in the their passed seven games as they get set open to up the December portion of their schedule against this very same Swift Current team later on this week. The Hurricanes head into action this week with a .500 record after 26 games: 11-11-1-3.

The Hurricanes have a lighter week with only two games of the course of of four nights. After traveling back to Swift Current on Wednesday for the third game in less than a week versus the Broncos, the Canes' will return home to the ENMAX Centre to host Prince Albert this Saturday night, December 4th. That will be the Hurricanes 15th Annual Teddy Bear Toss game. Lethbridge will play six straight games at home following Wednesday's game in Swift Current. Before the Chritsmas break, the Hurricanes will face Medicine Hat three times (twice at home and once on the road), Swift Current on the road and Prinec Albert, Moose Jaw, Chilliwack and Kelowna all on home-ice.

The Hurricanes are hoping to get back Brody Sutter and Graham Hood soon from injury. Sutter has taken the pre-game skate for the passed few games and may see game action this week if he gets the all-clear. Hood has been out a couple of weeks with a shoulder injury. Reid Jackson and Michael Sofillas both missed the passed two games and are listed day-to-day with head injuries.

Hurricanes This Week

Our weekly Hurricanes talk show is back on CJOC tonight at 6:00 (MST). We bring back the Media Roundtable for another go. It'll be out last Media Roundtable segment before the break with a few more planned in 2011, likely one in February and again in March. Joining Fred and I tonight will be Dylan Purcell of the Lethbridge Herald and Marty Baceda from Global T.V. Sports.


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  1. If the Canes (Preston) dresses Sutter and sits one of the regulars in order to do so, I will be extremely upset with the management of this team. This is a fun night for the team, and he deserves ONLY to watch it from the stands. - Richie.

  2. I agree its time for Sutter to be moved he is not ready to play dub hockey


  3. I did not mean to suggest that Sutter be traded from the team. That will of course depend on the coaches assessment of his attitude and abilities.

    It is very unfortunate for him that his injury was not recognized for its serverity to begin with, and that it has lingered as long as it has, and that it was further aggravated after only one shift when he did return to play.

    I am saying ONLY that it would be VERY unfair to the current roster to play Sutter and sit ANY other member of the team.

    Again, if I learn that ANY Cane is a healthy scratch while Sutter dresses, I will lose a tremendous amount of respect for the current management. Start him THE GAME AFTER!! - Richie.

  4. Are u guys serious you guys have watched the kid 1 shift and looking at what he done last year your not even gonna give the kid a chance? give your head a shake

  5. So you would lose respect for management by trying to make the team better and possibly playing the best player avaialable?

    And as for a fun night for the team, how so? you score a goal, get all jacked up then have to wait 15 min before you can play again. Its a momentem killer and anyone who has played any high level of sport finds nights like teddy bear nights a less favorable night to play. Its great for the fans but as a player they could do with out.

  6. Why does the Internet hate Brody Sutter? He's actually a very nice young man and I think he'll be a much improved player this year. He seems to be a lightning rod for criticism, something that probably has more to do with his name than his play.
    -- Dylan

  7. You might be on to something there Dylan. I hope he proves everyone wrong.


  8. has to be the name. I feel if his last name was anything but Sutter, then this conversation would not exist. Brody Jones had a very good exhibition season and pro training camp until he injured his shoulder. If his first two shifts back (before re-injuring the shoulder) were any indication of how he was going to play, then he certainly will help this club. Heck he as aleady picked up an assist playing with two new linemates in his first full game back. Brody has stated to the media that he has something to prove to himself, that means more effort and using his skills that he has. It would be nice that the fans that are ready to cut him lose without any opportunity to show what he is going to bring to the club, would give him the chance to prove them wrong. It must be the name....not his game that has turned some fans off. Please note, that it was his Uncle not his father (a first class person all the way) that has soured fans on the name.

    Personally, I hope Brody proves himself right and those nay-sayers wrong!


  9. I laughed like heck reading the Brody Jones post! I would have gone with Brody Guzowski, because I love a good Polish hockey player!
    And, what does it say about me that it takes two tries to get the word verification right?