Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pats Beat Hurricanes 3-2 in Shootout

LETHBRIDGE - The Regina Pats scored on the only two goals in a shootout as the the visitors came back to beat the Lethbridge Hurricanes last night 3-2.

A strong start for the Hurricanes. Lethbridge opened the scoring when Phil Tot put in his 3rd of season off a save by Regina goaltender Matt Hewitt. That gave the Canes' a 1-0 lead. The Pats though would come back to tie things up. Regina's Captain Garrett Mitchell made a nice move out in front of Canes' goalie Brandon Anderson to even the score 1-1. That's the way the period would end. Lethbridge out shot the Pats 10-9 through the opening 20 minutes.

In the second period, Alex Kuvaev scored his second of the year when he banked a pass off a Regina defencemen and in. That game the home team a 2-1 lead early in the period. Later on, Regina went on a 5 on 3 power play for 1:20 and some great goaltending by Anderson and solid penalty killing and blocked shots by Captain Mike Reddington helped the Canes' kill of both penalties. That was a key point in the game I thought. That's the way the period would end as the two teams headed to the dressing room with the Hurricanes leading 2-1 after 40 minutes. Regina out shot the Canes' 11-7 in that period and held the edge in shots 20-17 after two periods of play.

In the third, no scoring until late in the period when the Pats tied the game. Dyson Stevenson scored his first for Regina to tie the game, which ultimately went into overtime. The extra period solved nothing, so it went to a shootout to settle things. The Pats scored the only two goals in the shootout to win it. Both Hurricanes shooters, Mitch Maxwell and Cam Braes never got their shots off. Brandon Anderson, in frustration slammed his stick on the glass after the game as he headed off the ice to the dressing room. The final game shots favoured Regina 33-28. Power play chances last night: Regina 0/7 and Lethbridge 0/4. The Hurricanes continue to struggle with the man advantage. Lethbridge hasn't score a goal in it's last 30 power play chances. That is one area the Canes' will have to improve on. After going 3 for 6 in the the first game of the season in Calgary, Lethbridge has been skunked with the extra man since. The shootout loss drops the Canes' the record to 3-3-0-2 on the season. The Canes' kind of let this one get away. The Pats kept plugging away and earned a big two points for a team that was desperate for a victory. They deserve some credit too for battling back. It's too bad, because Brandon Anderson played very well in goal for Lethbridge, despite the loss. Hence the frustration he showed at the end.

Before last night's game I asked Head Coach and G.M. Rich Preston if he's still in the market for another forward. He indicated that he might actually need a forward and defenceman to help build a little more depth. He noted it's always better to have too many (defencemen) than not enough. Preston says he's always looking, but he won't make a trade for the sake of making a trade.

Next Up

The Hurricanes will now turn their attention to the top team in the WHL. The Saskatoon Blades make their first of two visits to Lethbridge tonight. The Blades have the league's best record and will certainly give the Hurricanes a run for their money in this one. Saskatoon has one southern Alberta boy on their team. Forward Lukas Sutter of Lethbridge will be back in town for this one. The Blades have a very veteran and talented hockey team and have been one of the top teams in the Western Hockey League over the past few seasons. This is a far cry from the Saskatoon team which had only seven wins total in the 2003-2004 season. The Blades have come a long way since then and have been one of the WHL elite clubs in recent years. They are lead by Curtis Hamilton and Marek Viedensky offensively.

Game time tonight from the ENMAX Centre is 7:00 pm (MDT). The pre-game show on CJOC at 6:30. The Hurricanes after tonight, will hit the road next week for three games in four nights in Saskatchewan.


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  1. I would put Ross to Defence and bring in a few forwards who know how to put the puck past a goalie. Just my thoughts but then I dont get paid the big bucks like a GM or Coach

  2. hey pat, just wundering where aperson can drop food off for the food kitchen and get matched by shaw and campbells..let me know.

  3. TThere are some players playing themselves off this team.
    Unimpressed with the effort put forth by Hood, Reners, Moser, and Ross in last night's game. Thought that Anderson was spectacular. I see Ashton has made great strides in his game.

  4. If it was not apparent before last night's game, it certainly is now. This team lacks scoring. Big time! Even with Fyten in the lineup, this team was short on goals! They do not create enough quality scoring chances, they do not create enough sustained offensive pressure and their power play is nothing short of brutal. 0/30 in since their game with Calgary.
    Lack of goals and shots. They have been outshot in all but one game. Defense is good, goaltending is excellent. But we need help up front....and now! Time to deal for a couple of forwards that can create offensive chances and can put the puck in the net. With the stockpile of draft picks, young talent and a couple of players that should be moved, Preston/Robson needs to make a deal. Hard to say, but with the current roster, this team will be hard pressed to make the playoffs. You can't win games without scoring! Just my thoughts!


  5. guys were averaging almost 3 goals a game. Give it some time wait till everyone is back and healthy until we come to conclusions.

  6. This loss against the Pats was one of the least entertaining games that I have watched in the Enema center... If not for Anderson, and some unbelievable missed open nets by the low-in-confidence Ashton, Weal, and company, it could have and should have been about 6-1 Pats.

    The ridiculous 'roughing' call on Kuvaev seemed to end the physical play of the Canes.

    I am SICK of Preston's line choices! Why even dress Reners for 3 shifts?? Where is our energetic Tarnasky,.. Injured? Why does HE bother sticking around with this team that sits him all the time? Ramsay showed some of the best speed and compete of any of the forwards, and he was rewarded with a uber-generous 4 shifts also.

    Meanwhile, Braes and M. Maxwell, though SUPER-talented, look like they would rather be somewhere else. Both are 50-goal scorers on a well-coached team.

    Nice power-play, Preston!

    I know it rarely works this way, but if Lethbridge plays tonight like they did against the Pats, it will be curtains after one period at the Enema tonight. - Richie.