Monday, 30 August 2010

City O.K.'s New ENMAX Scoreboard

Lethbridge City Council has given the green light to a brand new video score clock to be installed at the ENMAX Centre.

Council received a presentation Monday from ENMAX Centre G.M. Kim Gallucci and Lethbridge Recreation and Culture Manager Ashley Mathews. Council approved the purchase of the clock at a cost of 1.2 million dollars, half of which will come from the ENMAX Centre capital budget and the rest from the City's operating reserve accounts. The Lethbridge Hurricanes are also contributing to the cost. The Canes' are putting in $500.00 per game over the next 10 hockey seasons to a maximum of $180,000.

Gallucci says, "The new clock should be up and operational for the new hockey season in 2011. Installation will take place next July into August and then some serious training on how to use it. It will be operational by October of 2011. It opens the door to more revenue and a better fan experience"

The 1.2 million dollars covers the purchase of the score clock, production equipment, and installation. Lethbridge City Alderman Shaun Ward supports the new video scoreboard. "This is an excellent opportunity to put a new score clock into this newly renovated building. To open this building (next year) without a new video score clock would be a mistake in my opinion. This would also increase revenue for the ENMAX Centre. Also, the spectator nowadays expects to get an experience where there is instant replay."

A contingent from the Lethbridge Hurricanes was also on hand to see City Council give it's blessing. Hurricanes President Brian McNaughton was happy. "This score clock is absolutely critical. It's a requirement of being awarded the Memorial Cup. We are also going to have to sell more advertising revenue on the new clock. It gives us an awful lot of opportunity to cover the cost of what we budgeted to pay for this".

The picture on top is an artist's rendition of what the clock will look like.


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  1. This is great news not only for the Enmax, the Hurricanes ...but most importantly for the fans who will have their experience enhanced greatly.

    A very positive move and that is fantastic the City has announced it so quickly.

    Very Positive.....gee I wonder when the negative comments will start? Hopefully not at all.


  2. WOW..i can believe the city would be so stupid to aproove all this cash for something as dumb as anew scoreclock when we have that old one that works so well ..another bone head move from the board the city and the team...just kidding of coarse, i for one an glad they are making the enmax centre into a top notch will reflect well on the whole town when visiting fans come to my next post i will give you all my psychotic rant of how preston is killing this team one stage at a time...stay tuned....

  3. I think the dub passed a rule that all clubs had to have the new score clocks installed by a certain year isnt that true pat ?

  4. I don't think there was an exact timeline foe each rink, but yes the WHL certainly wants all it's rinks to have video scoreboards and the sooner the better. This way the fans get the same type if experience in each building.